Fab Find: Blossom and Bee Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Stick with local floral designers, people! For your wedding and especially for any flowers you’ll send or give as gifts, like Valentine’s Day presents or thank-you gifts for your wedding coordinator, vendors, parents and, yes, you can give bridesmaids pretty florals as their thank-you gift, too! When you buy from local floral experts, you support the local economy and keep their fabulous, personalized businesses going strong. One of my favorite floral artists is Pennylyn Kaine of Blossom and Bee, and I’ve re-blogged her recent post here for you!

How lovely are these flower arrangements?

Flowers are a timeless tradition for Valentine’s Day. Visit our retail website to order something special for your sweetheart this Valentines Day! http://www.theblossomandbee.com. We strongly urge our clients to pre-order their desired floral designs, things get a little hectic the closer we get. Orders may be submitted online or by calling the design studio at 973-874-0302.

We are happy to help you design something special for your valentine :-)