Fab Find! Shashi Socks for Bridesmaids’ Wedding Morning Wearing

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The Shashi Socks folks were kind enough to send me a collection of Shashi Socks, and the easy slip-on, traction-grip and sparkly socks struck me as a great little gift for bridesmaids, to wear on the wedding morning during those getting-ready hours. Especially if you’ll all get ready in a hotel and have seen enough of those investigative reports with their blacklight revelations. Even in the best brands of hotel, these are still not your carpets nor your bathroom tile floor, so sock-wearing may be your bridesmaids’ preference. With matching, cozy Shashi Socks, they get a keeper gift as well.

Slip resistant grippers on the bottom add stabilitiy and traction. Shashi socks are availabe in S (5.5-7.5) ,M (8-10),L (10.5-12.5) and retail from $15-$18.


Gorgeous Details for an Elegant Bridal Shower Theme: Ballet

American Ballet Theatre - GeneSchiavone

American Ballet Theatre – GeneSchiavone

abtmiraAmerican Ballet Theatre – Mira

abtmira2American Ballet Theatre – Mira

American Ballet Theatre - Reneata Pavam

American Ballet Theatre – Renata Pavam

One of my favorite bridal shower themes is Ballet, with the romantic, airy fabrics of tulle plentiful in the décor, classical music playing, bridesmaids wearing their hair in classic ballet buns, and tiny, delicate finger foods on the menu, petits fours for dessert and a cake featuring a gorgeous ballerina.

As an added special touch to theme this Ballet party, use plenty of those lovely ballet terms, as names for the guest tables, on the dessert table, as named signature cocktails, any way you wish! Here, from the American Ballet Theatre Dictionary are some terms to inspire you!

Adagio (Adage)
Air, en l’
Arriére, en
Brisé volé
Cloche, en
Croisé, croisée
Demi-pointes, sur les
Fouetté en tourant
Pas de bourrée
Tour en l’air

“Bridesmaid on a Budget” is on Kindle Super-Sale!


Tell your Bridesmaids: my new wedding book “Bridesmaid on a Budget” is on super-sale at Kindle for $4.27 right now! Help your bridesmaids save tons of money on everything from their bridesmaid dresses to the bridal shower to their travel and lodging, gifts, beauty expenses, accessories and more! Bridesmaids shouldn’t have to pay $1,000+ to be in your bridal party! They’ll love you for looking out for them, and showing them this post so they can get their own Kindle versions of the book!

Bridesmaid Master Class, Lesson 1: Bridesmaid Budgeting

Bridesmaid budgeting is a lot easier than you think! Welcome to the first session of my new Bridesmaid Master Class, your FREE guides to being a fabulous bridesmaid, on a budget, with plenty of style, and with unforgettable class and grace. Your bride is going to love you!

I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep this quick and easy: today’s bridesmaid spends an average of over $1,200, according to The Wedding Report, and The Knot puts that number up around $1,600 in their recent survey. When you add up that $400 dress, travel and a hotel room for a few nights, the bridal shower, gifts, hair and makeup, things can get very expensive very quickly.

Mty book Bridesmaid on a Budget is filled with hundreds of tips to help you save on all the big and little things on your new shopping list during the year or so that you’ll be a bridesmaid, but I thought I’d start you off with the Bridesmaid Master Class top 3 Money-Saving Commandments:

1. Don’t just say no, suggest something else. If the other bridesmaids want the $500 dress and you can’t afford it, don’t just email a ‘No, that doesn’t work for me,’ email with ‘That one’s really pretty, but out of my budget range. Sorry! What do you all think of these dresses?” And provide 3 to 5 URLs of pretty bridesmaid dresses. That’s how you get things done.

2. Go in on a group gift. If all five of the bridesmaids share the cost of a big-ticket item on the registry, each woman pays a lot less than a solo gift. For instance, that $300 cookware set divided by the five of you equals $60. Very do-able. Or, give their $200 beddding set, making your share $40.

3. Work those coupons! Coupon Sherpa on your iPhone, Retail Me Not, Target, even Costco all offer phenomenal savings on everything you need for the bridal shower. Check out www.coupons.com to get valuable discounts on everything from hummus to salsa and chips, colas, cake mixes and frosting, and more. At the craft store like Michaels Crafts, you’ll get 40% off or more with store coupons, often handed to you after you buy a little something. Tell every bridesmaid, and the moms, to start coupon-hunting, and checking Groupon and Living Social, so that the bride can get an amazing bridal shower…and you’ve saved over 80% on the cost of it!