Fab Find! Momental Designs Custom Figure Sketches Noteset

momental 1

Kristy Rice of Momental Designs is one of my all-time favorite artists, and I absolutely LOVE these custom-sketched figure notes.

Kristy literally sketches a likeness of you, or of each of your bridesmaids, even the moms, and customizes her designs to show your favorite outfit, or your signature accessory, with your haircut and even your expression perfectly-captured.

momental 3

You can choose from four different sketch styles, including the detailed bust from waist-up, a half-figure from the knees up, a full figure of you and a more detailed full figure that’s oh, so glam and fashionista, all accented with her gorgeous watercolor florals or accents.

momental 2

S E T I N C L U D E S:

– One full color digital proof of artwork for approval before final notes are created. (additional edits requested are $25.00 per instance).

– 25 or 50 custom notes printed on smooth white shimmer 100 lb cardstock

– Lined white shimmer envelopes (you select liner pattern option: )

1. Neon Watercolor

2. Peony Garden

3. Neon Blooms

4. Summer Garden

– Note sets delivered in a textured white gift box with notes tied up in bakers twine inside.

Get started here: http://www.shopmomental.com/product/set-of-25-or-50-custom-figure-sketches-note-set

And check out Kristy’s collection of super-pretty iPhone cases here: http://www.shopmomental.com/

momental 4 pastel peony

Fab Find! ModCloth Clutch in Paris

modcloth clutch

Love this pretty ModCloth clutch with a sepia Paris theme! It’s so pretty for a bridesmaid gift!

Here’s how they describe it on the site:

“It seems like an impossibility that one little accessory can pack so much beautiful nostalgia, but this little clutch does it! Printed like an elegant, sepia-tone postcard, this small bag – with optional wristlet strap – yearns for days gone by while staying totally modern. Vintage postage stamps, birds, and hot air balloons decorate the outside of this orange and brown Eiffel Tower print. Meanwhile, rich caramel vegan faux-leather pockets, coin pouch, and ID sleeve transform the inside into a working wallet. Top off your skinny jeans, black and tan polka dot blouse, and white swing coat with this warm-hued clutch and call to mind long sea voyages and train dining cars. Your vintage-inspired style is a memory that never fades for those lucky enough to be near you as you spread the joy of an unexpected, handwritten postcard wherever you go.” $39.99

Fab Find! Mercer Harp Silk-Wrapped Necklaces

mercer violet mercer pink mercer orange mercer blue

I discovered Mercer Harp handmade silk-wrapped necklaces while working on a big gift inspiration roundup, and the wonderful people at Mercer Harp were kind enough to send me a green and a gray necklace to try on and style up. Since chunky necklaces and layering is so In, this is one necklace that you can wear to make a statement, and that bridesmaids will find to be super-stylish and fashion-forward.

Layer these vibrant necklaces with chains or pearls, or visit www.mercerharp.com to see how their stylists have designed some fabulous knots and triple-strand twists. Jessica Alba is a fan, so you know this is a terrific necklace choice for your bridesmaid gifts!

Shop for your color choices here: http://www.mercerharp.com/shop/products-page/

FabFind! The eBay Sale on Coach Jewelry Pouches and Card Cases for your Bridesmaids’ Gifts


$29.50, regularly $78.00 (62 % off)
$29.50, regularly $78.00 (62 % off)
Thank you, eBay! The Coach brand mega-sale is going on right now, and while I snapped up that satchel I had my eye on, both in-store and online, I found some very budget-friendly bridesmaids gifts for you to grab up and give to your bridesmaids as the most impressive gifts EVER. They’ll think you spent a fortune, but you’re really at close to half the average price of a bridesmaid’s gift! Moms, too, can get these cute cases or handbags from the www.ebay.com site [you’ll see their big Coach sale banner on the home page with a giant countdown clock!]
The card cases above are traditional black and brown for your classic bridesmaids, and then I picked out these fun, flirty, fashionista jewelry pouches with the Coach insignia. Now they’ll finally have something cute to put all their jewelry in when they go on a road trip or travel in for your wedding. As someone who used to put all my travel jewelry in a Ziplock baggie, I can tell you, these are great! Shop it up today and load up on fabulous bridesmaids’ and moms’ gifts!

$34.50, regularly $88.00 (60 % off)

$34.50, regularly $88.00 (60 % off)

$26.40, regularly $88.00 (70 % off)

$34.50, regularly $88.00 (60 % off)

$34.50, regularly $88.00 (60 % off)

$28.00, regularly $88.00 (68 % off)
These aren’t the only Coach treats in the sale; you’ll find tons of handbags, satchels, wristlets, novelty items, ballet flats and more, on any budget level. So if you want to spoil your MOH or Mom, you’ll find great Coach pieces here. And if your wedding coordinator or floral designer are truly amazing, a thank-you gift like this will make for a happy wedding planning team member!

Help Your Bridesmaids Get Budget Savings for your Wedding!


Bridesmaids today spend over $1,000 to be in a wedding — that is, to be in each wedding, and they may be in more than one bridal party this year! So be the best bride possible by giving them my new book Bridesmaid on a Budget which I filled with budget-savers and my favorite resources, so that they can cut their spending waaaaaay down!

They’ll find savings ideas on the following top bridesmaid expenses:

* The Dress

* The Shoes

* Hair and Makeup

* Bridal Shower Decor

* Bridal Shower Menus

* Bridal Shower Cakes

* Bridal Shower Drinks

* Bridal Shower Games

* The Bachelorette Party

* Travel and Lodging for the Wedding

* Gifts for You (!)

* Travel and expenses for shopping trips

* And more…

I’ve packed this book with ways they can get FREEBIES as well! And some things YOU can do to get them price breaks.

Bridesmaid on a Budget is available on Kindle as well, so either get copies for your ladies, or tell them to Kindle it up!

Fab Find! Pucker Vodka Recipes and Bridesmaid Gifts

pucker vodka bottles

If you’re looking for a gift with a kick for your bridesmaids, sweeten your choice with flavored Pucker Vodka collections, in fabulous flavors including:

* Lemonade Lust

* Raspberry Rave

* Sour Apple Sass

* Cherry Tease

* Grape Gone Wild

* Citrus Squeeze

We had a lot of fun with Lemonade Lust here at our Girls’ Night, and when I showed my friends Pucker’s amazing site with its huge collection of cocktail recipes, they went wild. Here are just a few of the standouts:

pucker electric berryPucker Electric Berry

pucker lust in the islandsPucker Lust In the Islands

pucker lust for blondePucker Lust for Blonde

pucker lipstickPucker Lipstick

Check out all of the Pucker Recipes, and have fun with their Randomixer to configure cocktail using a flavor of Pucker vodka and ingredients to reveal your choice drink!

Line these bottles up for your bachelorette party, and have those recipes ready for a spectacular bar list, and personalize your bridesmaids’ gifts by presenting each of your girls with a flavor you’ve chosen just for her…or give out trios of bottles in a fab gift presentation, paired with these pretty swizzle straws to make your drink bar stand out and add some flair to your gifts:

Pucker_Holiday%20Package_StrawsIt’s the taste that makes for a great alcohol offering at your bachelorette party or bridal shower drink bar, and when you make these your bridesmaids’ gifts, your ladies can take the party home to their sweethearts for their own celebrations…or save it for their own hosted parties.

Fab Find! Shimmer and Bliss Scarves

Shimmer and Bliss is a name you need to know…they’re a fabulous company creating gorgeous, air-silk scarves in stunning colors — mine are in Sage and Amethyst! Wear them as a traditional scarf, as a hair accessory, even a waist wrap and in so many other ways, including pairing them with other Shimmer and Bliss scarves for a multi-hued effect.

Scarves are the In accessory for budget-revving your wardrobe, and I’ve picked them as one of my Fab Finds for bridesmaids’ gifts…personalizing the color choices to your bridesmaids. The whole idea of ‘friends’ is a big one with this company. Owner and designer My-Cherie (coolest name ever!) names each of her designs after one of her best friends. So you may find styles bearing your own bridesmaids’ names! Or just pick the colors you love for each of your girls, or let them pick from your thank-you gift display at a bridesmaid luncheon. They’re a terrific thank-you gift your bridesmaids will definitely use again and again.

I’m also thinking these would be great gifts for the moms, and for your wedding coordinator and other vendors!

Even better, Shimmer and Bliss is a charity minded company, with a % of their sales given to a collection of charities they love. Check it out here: http://shimmerandbliss.com/community-giving-back/

The container above is how your scarf will arrive…

And the scene below shows how you can get a few Shimmer and Bliss scarves to wear on your honeymoon! Love it!

The team at Shimmer and Bliss also suggested something I think is marvelous, especially for a destination wedding: these scarves would be fantastic sashes that bridesmaids can wear for a color pop on their bridesmaid dresses! That’s brilliant, just like the colors in the Shimmer and Bliss collection. Visit www.shimmerandbliss.com to see all of the wonderful styles that My-Cherie offers…

It’s Fashion Week! Introducing Bridesmaid Personality Tees!

Welcome your bridesmaids to your bridal party with these Personality Tees for the Brilliant Bridesmaid, Beautiful Bridesmaid, Flirty Bridesmaid (who has a sassy message on the back of her shirt!) and the BEST bridesmaid! I’m thrilled to launch my own collection of tees for the bridesmaids, and I invite you to shop my store to find the perfect gift for your beautiful, brainy, brilliant friends and sisters!


Save the Bridesmaids! (Their Budgets, that is!)

Bridesmaids spend a lot to be part of a wedding. The average bridesmaid spends, according to TheWeddingReport.com is $1,009! That’s a lot of cash…you have to really love the bride to shell out that much.

Which is why I wrote my book Bridesmaid on a Budget — Looking at the national averages of what bridesmaids are spending, and knowing that these can actually be low amounts in some parts of the country, I knew bridesmaids out there wanted their own book to help them save hundreds of dollars without the savings showing.

Here are just some of the average amounts spent in each category:

Bridesmaid dress: $178

Accessories: $52

Alterations: $56

Bachelorette party expenses: $152

Bridal Shower Gift: $72

Hotel (per night): $140

Plane Fare: $303

Wedding Gift: $117

And that national average doesn’t include what each bridesmaid spends on the bridal shower! I hear everything from $100 to $300 per bridesmaid for that pretty party!

Travel’s a big part of this…28% of bridesmaids live in a different state than where the wedding will take place, so that adds up a bunch of travel expenses to attend engagement parties, showers, dress-shopping trips and the wedding weekend, and if the wedding’s a destination one, that’s a big chunk of extra outlay.

So if your bridesmaids could use some help with affording the things you want for your wedding, get them this book! Give a copy to them when you invite them to be in the bridal party. Plan a bridesmaid luncheon early in the process, where everyone will talk about dress styles and other details, and that’s where they get the book in a swag bag. The gracious bride shows that she cares about her bridesmaids and what they’ll be spending…even if the wedding plans aren’t outrageous.

If your bridesmaids have questions, tell them they can write directly to me, or post their questions here in the Comments! Each month, I’ll pick a bridesmaid to win a prize: this month, it’s the Kodak one-time-use camera designed for bachelorette parties, and next month, it’s an Envirosax tote!

Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Welcome to the Bridal Party’ Gift Idea!

Bethenny Frankel has some fabulous gift ideas! She’s the new face of CafePress.com, and I absolutely love the yoga mat from her holiday gift selections…but I see that as a great ‘Welcome to the Wedding’ gift that you can give to the ladies you’ll ask to be your bridemaids! If you haven’t picked your bridesmaids yet, or if you’re looking for a creative, fun way to ask your VIPs to be your bridesmaids, give them a welcome gift when you ask them! Everybody loves a useful gift, especially one with celebrity panache!

Check out Bethenny’s other top gift picks at CafePress.com — and of course a bottle of Skinnygirl Margaritas is always a great way to invite your bridesmaids into the party that is your wedding-planning season!