Newly-Engaged? “Minute One” Ways to Have the Happiest Bridesmaids Ever


  1. Host a party for them right at the start, so that you’re treating them and their entire bridesmaid time is not just them shelling out for you. Lunch, brunch, a dinner at your place or out at a restaurant – just a fun get-together to kick off your wedding planning season and so that they can get to know each other.
  2. Tell them what the wedding will be like. In order to decide if they can be bridesmaids, and afford any travel or lodging that will be involved, they need to know if you’re planning a destination wedding, especially.
  3. Ensure that you’ll make every effort to keep their expenses on the low side. They’ll love hearing that you’re one of Those Brides who cares about their finances and stress levels.
  4. Tell them what you DON’T want, like a bachelorette party if you’ve decided that’s not for you, nor is a girls’ getaway instead of that party. When bridesmaids can eliminate the pricy things they think might happen, they get more comfortable.
  5. Share your freebie sources, like the printables at and other terrific freebie-filled blogs and sites. And hand each one a copy of Bridesmaid      on a Budget.
  6. Tell them if they’ll be able to pick out their own styles of dresses, and invite them to send you links to dresses they like for themselves.


And here’s a DON’T for you: don’t make a ton of promises right now, like paying for their dresses and hotel rooms. You might think you want to do these things for them, but if your budget explodes later, you might not be able to. And they’ll feel deceived.

FabFind! Knockout Panties Chemise


Brides are putting a lot of thought into gifts for their bridesmaids, and spending more on them, which means gifts for the girls are better than ever! The great folks at Knockout Panties sent me a lacy chemise in their new Sky Blue color, and it’s so soft and comfy, which says a lot considering the top is lacy. But that’s super-soft lace against the skin, the mark of a well-made chemise! The sky blue is such a pretty color, and the Tiger Lily is also one on their site that I love. You can choose one color for your bridesmaids’ gifts, or personalize to each of your bridesmaid by choosing from their range of colors — the black-and-white is also lovely!

Pair it with the matching lacy boy short, also super-soft supima cotton, with lace at the top and bottom.

This is such a pretty set that I’ll even recommend it as a thank-you gift for your wedding coordinator, and if you’d like to ramp up your gift for your maid of honor who has done a lot for you, get the boy short and the panties to go with the chemise as well as the lacy cami to match.

knockout3 knockout2 knockout4

This is a great find, well worth the money, and a gift your bridesmaids will really love and use!

Fab Find! Shashi Socks for Bridesmaids’ Wedding Morning Wearing

shashi 2 shashi 3 shashi 4 good shashi 5 good

The Shashi Socks folks were kind enough to send me a collection of Shashi Socks, and the easy slip-on, traction-grip and sparkly socks struck me as a great little gift for bridesmaids, to wear on the wedding morning during those getting-ready hours. Especially if you’ll all get ready in a hotel and have seen enough of those investigative reports with their blacklight revelations. Even in the best brands of hotel, these are still not your carpets nor your bathroom tile floor, so sock-wearing may be your bridesmaids’ preference. With matching, cozy Shashi Socks, they get a keeper gift as well.

Slip resistant grippers on the bottom add stabilitiy and traction. Shashi socks are availabe in S (5.5-7.5) ,M (8-10),L (10.5-12.5) and retail from $15-$18.

Eco-Friendly Wishing Well Gifts for the Bridal Shower

Give Back! Designing Charitable Favor Cards
The bride who lives a green lifestyle will very much appreciate arriving at her bridal shower to find that her wonderful bridesmaids and maid of honor have given this party an eco-friendly theme. And one of the top trends in bridal showers is the return of the wishing well!
In decades of old, the bridal shower invitation bore the words ‘Wishing Well’ at the bottom, and guests knew to bring a bunch of little somethings to place inside a rented or DIY wishing well. We’re talking the tiniest of household items, like cotton balls, spices, coasters…the under-$10 things you see in the stores.
To help inspire bridal shower guests, add to your invitation a note that “We’re having an eco-friendly themed wishing well for (bride)! If you wish, please bring your choice of little eco-friendly item to place in our repurposed (of course!) champagne bucket. She’ll be so happy!”
That’s right…champagne bucket. Or a garden wagon. Something that holds the little gifts and is also a usable gift itself!
Add to your note some suggestions, like the following:
* Organic teas
* Organic spices
* Organic barbecue rubs
* Eco-friendly tote bags. Like Envirosax.
* Fair-trade paper stationery
* Eco-cups
* Recycled wine bottle bud vases
* Teakwood, beeswax or other organic pillar candles or tea candles
* Cherrywood salad tongs
* Eco-friendly tea towel
* Organic pampering products like handlotions or lip balms
* Organic garden seeds
* All-natural massage oils

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly gifts that would be great additions to this list?

Fab Find! Pia Gladys Perey Bridesmaids’ Dresses


The limited ready-to-wear line has design aesthetics that are highly influenced by the classic Grecian drapes mixed with romantic glamour that captures the spirit of the modern woman, embracing the true female form regardless of age and shape.  Her vision is romantic and classic with a youthful, modern twist.  The draping of the gowns shapes to perfection.  Inspired by luxury and romance, her creations are beautifully fashioned with a distinct elegance.

PGP manufactures every size run possible and can make custom dresses based on consumer’s desire. Each dress ordered is made within a week giving PGP a natural advantage of personalizing each order.

About the Label

Manila based Designer Pia Gladys Perey, The woman behind the PGP label was born and raised in the country town of Tagaytay in the Philippines. As a child, Pia was exposed to fashion, sewing and pattern making through her grandmother. The PGP label debuted at the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in 2007 followed by a participation in the New Generation Shows in 2008 and Ladies’ Ready To Wear Show in 2009. In 2010, PGP launched in the USA at the Miami International Fashion Week and an off-site show at the New York Fashion Week.  This year, PGP showcased its FW13/14 collection in the brand’s first solo show at the Los Angeles Fashion Week wherein the designer received a standing ovation and rave media reviews.

PGP has been worn by Hollywood A-lists like Angelina Jolie, Gabrielle Union, and The Office’s Kate Flannery. It is also favored by stars like Kim Kardashian, Carrie Underwood, Eva Longoria, and Camilla Belle. The line is currently being sold in Sydney, Queensland, Perth, Adelaide, Dubai, Singapore, New York, Florida, Texas, and California.

Check it out at

Bridal Shower Game Makeover! Give Your Bridal Shower Game a Makeover with my ‘Wedding Guesses’ Game Card!

bs book


Since you loved my twist on the ‘how well do you know the bride?’ bridal shower game, I’m giving all of the traditional bridal shower games a fresh twist, to make them more fun for shower guests and give the bride a giggle.


We know that shower guests would rather spend more time mingling and eating with one another than being pushed into enforced fun, so we’re keeping these new games fast and easy, with a modern spin.


Here’s my newest in the Bridal Shower Game Makeover series!


Just copy and print out this game card for guests’ participation:




Wedding Guesses

For this game, guests will try to predict some of the details the bride has included in her Big Day. Moms and bridal party members who are in-the-know obviously won’t play, since that’s an unfair advantage, but other guests will have a blast imagining the bride’s style, what the groom suggested and more…


My Guesses On….


The bride’s style of wedding gown:


The wedding color scheme:


The bride’s bouquet flowers (type, color, size…)


Name a wedding décor item (mason jars, etc.):


The bride and groom’s first dance song:


Song played during the ceremony:


Food offered at the cocktail party:


Wedding cake color (white, pastel, chocolate, etc.)


Number of tiers in the wedding cake:


Flavor of the wedding cake:


Name a dessert served in the dessert hour:


What will the groom’s cake theme be?:


What did the groom suggest in the wedding plans?


What will the wedding favors be?


The winners will be chosen by the bride for getting the most correct answers, without revealing too much about the wedding plans! Don’t give all of the surprises away!


Sharon Naylor is the author of The Ultimate Bridal Shower Idea Book and over 35 additional wedding books,


Bridesmaids’ Wedding Budget Saver: Get on the List!


Bridesmaids, get ready to save a fortune on your wedding dress, shoes, accessories, bridal shower invitations and decor, and more. Since bridesmaids often spend over $1,000 during their time in just one wedding party, you’ll be thrilled to know that this one little tip can save you up to 85% off your bridesmaid gown, shoes, accessories, and up to 60% off the supplies you’ll need to throw a fabulous bridal shower and bachelorette party. You can even get things for free.

So what’s this magic secret? Here it is… Get On the List. Sign up for every mailing list possible at a range of bridal gown and bridesmaid dress shops, department stores, outlet stores, and craft stores, and you’ll get advance, VIP notice of members-only sales and clearances that will save you a fortune.

At a bridal gown shop’s VIP access trunk sale that only people on the mailing list know about, you can save 50%, 60%, up to 85% on pretty, designer bridesmaid dresses – and if you already have your dress, you can get the same savings on your shoes, jewelry, gloves and other accessories. There’s no rule saying you have to shop for a dress at these super-sales! (It may even be safer to be in the accessories section while all those other dress-hungry bridesmaids elbow each other to get to that sophisticated sage stunner!)

At the craft store, members on mailing lists get valuable coupons via e-mail, access to members-only shopping times, advance notice of clearances and sales, and invitations to craft-making classes led by their experts. If you’re not on the list, you miss out!

Be smart when you sign up. Getting on mailing lists will generate a flurry of junk e-mails, so use a separate, dedicated e-mail address just for your bridesmaid activities and provide that one when you sign on. Set your spam filters to accept e-mails from these stores you’ve chosen, and you’ll soon get a goldmine of money-saving offers! And check your spam files to see if your computer re-directed a legitimate, wanted message over there so that you don’t miss it.

The List may be an actual signup sheet in the store, or a form filled out on their site, Liking their Facebook page, filling out a form at a bridal show; when you give them your chosen, safe contact info, you could very well save a LOT of money…which is welcome news if you’re the bridesmaid with less money than the other bridesmaids, or if you’re in more than one or two weddings this season!

I have tons more savings for you in my book Bridesmaid on a Budget: How to Be a Brilliant Bridesmaid Without Breaking the Bank, and you’ll find budget tips and planning ideas in my best-selling Ultimate Bridal Shower Idea Book. Also, find free worksheets at my site!

Not Buying This One: A Wedding Superstition That Is Just Ridiculous


I love wedding superstitions. Anything that brings a little bit of luck is a wonderful thing. A penny in your shoe. In some cultures, it’s walking through a door that’s been painted green. Seeing a duck on your way to the wedding. There are TONS of them out there.

Superstitions connect us to the olden days when magical thinking was huge, and people really wanted the bride to have all the luck in the world, as well as avoid creepy evil spirits.

But when I saw this one on a website about an event for bridesmaids, it kinda made me angry:

The universally known bridesmaid’s curse: “thrice a bridesmaid, never a bride” can be broken by being a bridesmaid seven times.

It’s ‘universally-known?’ So if this is your third time being a bridesmaid, you’re never going to get married? As a bride, are you supposed to leave that this-would-be-her-third-time friend out of your circle? Who came up with this one? We’ll never know, since superstitions are carried on the wind by storytellers, but the math on this just boggles the mind. So here we have the bridesmaid walking down the aisle for the third time, thinking she’s in a danger zone of bad luck with all of those other bridesmaids in the ‘thrice’ category. The fourth time she’s asked to be a bridesmaid, she’s on her way to freeing herself from a marriage-free life. The fifth time is just halfway there. The sixth time is almost there, and the seventh time is when the Curse is broken?

That’s just ridiculous.

So let’s make up a new one that can fly around the world and get used to promote a bridesmaid event. ‘Thrice a bridesmaid, expect a big promotion at work” sounds like a good one. Or how about “thrice a bridesmaid, loved by the bride.” Sweetness. “Thrice a bridesmaid, thrice the shoe closet size?” A little too materialistic. So let’s have you suggest some fake superstitions for the three-time bridesmaid….let me hear what you’ve got and we’ll get it out there for all of those three-time bridesmaids to enjoy!

Ariel Winter’s Golden Globes Look: Perfect for Your Junior Bridesmaid? What’s Your Vote?



The ladies of Modern Family can do no wrong fashion-wise lately, and Sarah Hyland has always been an age-appropriate inspiration for Junior Bridesmaid fashion, so I was very excited to see what ‘little sis’ Ariel Winter would wear to the 2013 Golden Globes. Her purple dress last year opened the door to her Junior Bridesmaid Fashion Icon status, and now I’d love to know what you think about her neon embroidered Valentino dress for the 70th annual Golden Globes. Fashionista blog called it very age-appropriate, but does that mean it’s a trend-setter for Junior Bridesmaid dress picks? Do you love the embroidery? Is it too ‘young,’ even for Ariel? What do you think of the sparkly silver headband and shoes with the neon accent dress? Is a blingy headband perfect for the Junior Bridesmaid? Share your thoughts here, and win a copy of my new book Bridesmaid on a Budget!

My take on it? Love the dress, and especially love the sparkly shoes. Now that’s a fun trend for Junior Bridesmaids!

Help Your Bridesmaids Get Budget Savings for your Wedding!


Bridesmaids today spend over $1,000 to be in a wedding — that is, to be in each wedding, and they may be in more than one bridal party this year! So be the best bride possible by giving them my new book Bridesmaid on a Budget which I filled with budget-savers and my favorite resources, so that they can cut their spending waaaaaay down!

They’ll find savings ideas on the following top bridesmaid expenses:

* The Dress

* The Shoes

* Hair and Makeup

* Bridal Shower Decor

* Bridal Shower Menus

* Bridal Shower Cakes

* Bridal Shower Drinks

* Bridal Shower Games

* The Bachelorette Party

* Travel and Lodging for the Wedding

* Gifts for You (!)

* Travel and expenses for shopping trips

* And more…

I’ve packed this book with ways they can get FREEBIES as well! And some things YOU can do to get them price breaks.

Bridesmaid on a Budget is available on Kindle as well, so either get copies for your ladies, or tell them to Kindle it up!