Fab Find for Bridal Shower Favors! Sur La Table Paris Bake Cup Set

slt bake cup 2

Paris is a top trend in bridal shower themes, and French desserts are a top trend in bridal showers as well! So when I spotted these adorable Paris-themed bake cup sets in my Sur La Table catalog, this was a Must for my Fab Finds list!

How adorable are these little bake cup sets, with their 24 themed bake cups and 24 Paris-themed cupcake toppers? And the price is right for a terrific bridal shower favor. I also love these for budget-friendly bridesmaids’ gifts!:

Paris Bake Cup Set: http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-1810860/Paris+Bake+Cup+Set

slt bake cup 1


Fab Find! Shari’s Berries Chocolate Awesomeness for your Wedding Parties and Guest Welcome Gifts!

Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding
We are in chocolate heaven over here at Sharon Naylor Wedding Books. The great folks at Shari’s Berries sent over some chocolate-covered goodies for our bridal shoot, and the place smells AMAZING!
Imagine setting up a chocolate platter on your engagement party, wedding or bridal shower bar, and giving your guests a great variety to choose from — and of course, the chocolate has to be The Best because your guests KNOW good chocolate from that cheap, waxy stuff you see at the supermarket. When you bring out the chocolate platter, your party space gets that mouth-watering chocolate scent, making your dessert bar stand out even more.
Here’s one of my top picks for your party:
Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding
The Shari’s Berries site describes it like this: What would make sandwich cookies, gourmet pretzels, and graham crackers even more scrumptious? Chocolate of course! Each item in this tasty gift collection is smothered with a milk chocolate coating and then decorated with artful dark chocolate drizzle.
  • 8 Milk Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
  • 12 Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Bavarian Pretzels
  • 8 Milk Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies(R) Cookies
    Certified Kosher Dairy by Orthodox Union
  • Net Weight 1 lb 7 oz
  • Item #30001134

We created platters for ours:


Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding

Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding

And think also about how happy your out-of-town wedding guests will be when they card-swipe into their hotel rooms and find a platter of chocolate-covered pretzels, grahams and Oreos instead of that been there-done that welcome bag of chips, packaged snacks and water. Instead, just like at a 5-star luxury resort, they find a platter of these chocolate-covered treats, or Shari’s Berries chocolate-covered berries (which are spectacular, fresh, sweet, juicy and every other word for delicious!) That’s indulgence, and that sets the tone for your guests having the best time ever on your wedding weekend. Or just set the pretty box in their rooms:

Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding

Shari’s Berries also sent us some super-cute cookies that we’re photographing today, so I’ll post soon about those.

Fab Find! Shashi Socks for Bridesmaids’ Wedding Morning Wearing

shashi 2 shashi 3 shashi 4 good shashi 5 good

The Shashi Socks folks were kind enough to send me a collection of Shashi Socks, and the easy slip-on, traction-grip and sparkly socks struck me as a great little gift for bridesmaids, to wear on the wedding morning during those getting-ready hours. Especially if you’ll all get ready in a hotel and have seen enough of those investigative reports with their blacklight revelations. Even in the best brands of hotel, these are still not your carpets nor your bathroom tile floor, so sock-wearing may be your bridesmaids’ preference. With matching, cozy Shashi Socks, they get a keeper gift as well.

Slip resistant grippers on the bottom add stabilitiy and traction. Shashi socks are availabe in S (5.5-7.5) ,M (8-10),L (10.5-12.5) and retail from $15-$18.


Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur Recipes for your Bridal Shower and Wedding


Godiva very kindly sent me some free samples of their dark chocolate liqueur to review, and I LOVE it. Especially the little favor bottles it comes in — so perfect for your out-of-town guests’ welcome basket and as wedding favors.

And here are some ultra-tasty recipes that you can use to DIY wedding drinks:



Newly-Engaged? “Minute One” Ways to Have the Happiest Bridesmaids Ever


  1. Host a party for them right at the start, so that you’re treating them and their entire bridesmaid time is not just them shelling out for you. Lunch, brunch, a dinner at your place or out at a restaurant – just a fun get-together to kick off your wedding planning season and so that they can get to know each other.
  2. Tell them what the wedding will be like. In order to decide if they can be bridesmaids, and afford any travel or lodging that will be involved, they need to know if you’re planning a destination wedding, especially.
  3. Ensure that you’ll make every effort to keep their expenses on the low side. They’ll love hearing that you’re one of Those Brides who cares about their finances and stress levels.
  4. Tell them what you DON’T want, like a bachelorette party if you’ve decided that’s not for you, nor is a girls’ getaway instead of that party. When bridesmaids can eliminate the pricy things they think might happen, they get more comfortable.
  5. Share your freebie sources, like the printables at www.weddingchicks.com and other terrific freebie-filled blogs and sites. And hand each one a copy of Bridesmaid      on a Budget.
  6. Tell them if they’ll be able to pick out their own styles of dresses, and invite them to send you links to dresses they like for themselves.


And here’s a DON’T for you: don’t make a ton of promises right now, like paying for their dresses and hotel rooms. You might think you want to do these things for them, but if your budget explodes later, you might not be able to. And they’ll feel deceived.

Fab Find! Mercer Harp Silk-Wrapped Necklaces

mercer violet mercer pink mercer orange mercer blue

I discovered Mercer Harp handmade silk-wrapped necklaces while working on a big gift inspiration roundup, and the wonderful people at Mercer Harp were kind enough to send me a green and a gray necklace to try on and style up. Since chunky necklaces and layering is so In, this is one necklace that you can wear to make a statement, and that bridesmaids will find to be super-stylish and fashion-forward.

Layer these vibrant necklaces with chains or pearls, or visit www.mercerharp.com to see how their stylists have designed some fabulous knots and triple-strand twists. Jessica Alba is a fan, so you know this is a terrific necklace choice for your bridesmaid gifts!

Shop for your color choices here: http://www.mercerharp.com/shop/products-page/

Fab Find! Sauza® Sparkling Margaritas

sauza_sparkling best shot sauza_sparkling_margarita labels sauza_sparkling_wildberry_margarita750__72863_1366826169_1280_1280 sauzaSparkling_Bottles_headline

This new margarita positively sparkles! It’s Sauza® Sparkling Margarita, adding a bubbly kick to a tasty margarita. I gathered a few of my bride friends together to taste-test the Sauza Sparkling Margaritas, in the three flavors, Original Lime, Wild Berry and Mango Peach, and all of them were a hit! Two out of three brides chose Mango Peach as their favorite, and I was a Wild Berry girl.

Since these are so fun, fresh and new, you get fabulous hostess points for lining up these pretty bottles on your engagement party bar, and they’re a Fab addition to a bridal shower or bachelorette party drinks list. They’re available in two sizes: 750mL ($12.99) and 375mL  ($7.99) and they’re low in calories at 125 calories per 4oz serving.

Here’s what else I love: July 24th is National Tequila Day, so invite your bridesmaids over for a special cocktail party just for them, chose one or all of these sparkling margaritas [you might want to color-coordinate with your party theme!] and have a tasting party. Here are some recipes to make them even more fun!

Speaking of fun, here are some Fun Facts for your tasting party. Print these out on cards for your bar, and let the learning begin!

    • Last  year more than 40 new tequilas were introduced to the market
    • 100%  Agave products lead the pack on what consumers are gravitating towards (Tequila that has been produced from only the fermented and distilled juices of the Blue Webber Agave)
    • The  US consumes almost twice as much Tequila as Mexico each year
    • In the last 10 years, Tequila volume has grown by 72%

We’re not done yet! Sauza Sparkling Margaritas would be pretty and perfect to serve on your wedding morning, when your ladies are getting ready. Add some festive straws and pretty cocktail glasses, and take plenty of photos of you toasting your bridesmaids.

Check them out here.