The Bride’s Guide to Freebies! My new book is almost here!

Wedding costs are sky-high, with the average wedding costing over $20,000 right now. That’s led a lot of brides and grooms to seek out ways to plan their weddings for less…and I noticed that too many wedding couples were taking dangerous shortcuts in their wedding budgets and wedding planning. Especially looking for free wedding elements…and thinking they can save money by not hiring wedding experts. That’s NOT the way to do it! Wedding experts on your team can save you money while still getting you quality products and services, and wedding experts are the best source of wedding freebies! So to help you avoid any wedding nightmares, I’ve written a new book on the right way to get wedding freebies!

In this book, which will be out in December, you’ll find out how to ask for freebies from your vendors, in a way that’s going to be productive, not insulting.

You’ll find out about the freebies that many vendors often offer on a regular day, and how and when to negotiate for additional ones.

You’ll find out how to borrow essential wedding items, getting them for free, how to ask for them, how to avoid post-borrow disasters, and how to make the most of them.

You’ll find out how to win cash and free wedding services and details from my favorite sources, and perhaps get your honeymoon, gown and other pricy things for free.

You’ll find out how to DIY some wedding elements for free.

You’ll find out freebie info for your bridesmaids, parents and for guests, saving them lots of money, too.

And a lot more…

Visit my site for more details on my upcoming book, and find the links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble to get your copy!