DIY Wedding and Bridal Shower Recipes from The Weekend Table Blog: Curry Vegetable Dip


Here’s why I love the Weekend Table blog: in addition to being a top source for fabulous entertaining-perfect recipes, Weekend Table’s award-winning foodie Julie du Pont brings to light a wonderful idea for weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, wedding weekend events, and all parties in your wedding seaon — use cherished family recipes.

They might be heirloom recipes, handed down by your grandmother or great-grandmother (or grandfather or great-grandfather!) or from your parents, your sister, anyone you know. There’s something so magical about connecting with your ancestors and loved ones who sit with you at your table via a recipe. Creating a dish is a form of magic, after all, and tastes of childhood and special milestone moments become a part of you. They line your ribs, imbue into your soul, bringing you back to the most golden of times shared with the people you’re blessed to know.

For this recipe, Julie honors a friend’s Curry Vegetable dip, using the same exotic ingredients as the originators, and in many of her other recipes (which I hope you’ll explore and catch on her Twitter @weekendtable) she shares smart ways to give heirloom recipes a personal twist.

Julie’s a sensational foodie blogger whose recipes will give your wedding celebrations a touch of made-with-love foodie goodness, which is why I’m so excited to feature my favorite dishes from her collections here.

NEW! DIY Wedding and Bridal Shower Recipes Series from the Weekend Table Blog: Parmesan Risotto with Artichokes


Julie Du Pont is back with another amazing recipe for your DIY menu! Since fall and winter are all about creamy goodness and comfort food, a delicious risotto is definitely something to make for your party guests. It’s easy to make, but guests don’t tend to make risotto or themselves….so you get extra points for gourmet flare, and it’s budget-friendly and a fantastic side to serve with so many different kinds of dishes.

Here is the recipe for Parmesan Risotto with Artichokes, from The Weekend Table blog:

Explore this blog! Julie has fabulous gluten-free recipes, and I just love her writing style!


NEW! DIY Wedding and Bridal Shower Recipes Series from the Weekend Table Blog: Corn Chowder with Crab

For fall and winter weddings, soup bars are a top trend, as well as a budget-friendly option to create a fabulous menu, and treat guests to soups they probably don’t make for themselves. Soups can be served as mini ‘shots’ or in generous bowls — with guests helping themselves to the soup and to the toppers you set out, like homemade garlic croutons, crunchy Asian noodles, sprinkles of seafood [a great way to indulge guests without spending a fortune on seafood — but hey, you have lobster, crab, and shrimp on your menu, even if it’s just a garnish! I LOVE making soups for parties, and there’s something so calming about being in the kitchen, whipping up a big batch of soup, filling the house with amazing aromas, and serving a hearty, wholesome bisque or chowder with some crusty bread. It’s comforting to make and to serve.

I discovered when I was checking out the Babble Awards for best mom foodie blogs, and I fell in love with this blog for its fabulous recipes, its collection of gluten-free dishes, and Julie du Pont’s wonderful stories about her family and her inspirations for these dishes. So I’ve asked her to be the Top Chef in my series of recipe recommendations for your showers, wedding and all the fetes you’ll throw for your wedding celebrations. So get ready for more of her amazing soups [or go to to get a jump on what I post,] salads, sides, starters, sweets and drinks. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Julie’s creations here, and you’ll love her simple recipes and smart tips for budget-stretching with second-uses of recipes and ingredients.

Here’s her Corn Chowder with Crab recipe: