Eco-Friendly Wishing Well Gifts for the Bridal Shower

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The bride who lives a green lifestyle will very much appreciate arriving at her bridal shower to find that her wonderful bridesmaids and maid of honor have given this party an eco-friendly theme. And one of the top trends in bridal showers is the return of the wishing well!
In decades of old, the bridal shower invitation bore the words ‘Wishing Well’ at the bottom, and guests knew to bring a bunch of little somethings to place inside a rented or DIY wishing well. We’re talking the tiniest of household items, like cotton balls, spices, coasters…the under-$10 things you see in the stores.
To help inspire bridal shower guests, add to your invitation a note that “We’re having an eco-friendly themed wishing well for (bride)! If you wish, please bring your choice of little eco-friendly item to place in our repurposed (of course!) champagne bucket. She’ll be so happy!”
That’s right…champagne bucket. Or a garden wagon. Something that holds the little gifts and is also a usable gift itself!
Add to your note some suggestions, like the following:
* Organic teas
* Organic spices
* Organic barbecue rubs
* Eco-friendly tote bags. Like Envirosax.
* Fair-trade paper stationery
* Eco-cups
* Recycled wine bottle bud vases
* Teakwood, beeswax or other organic pillar candles or tea candles
* Cherrywood salad tongs
* Eco-friendly tea towel
* Organic pampering products like handlotions or lip balms
* Organic garden seeds
* All-natural massage oils

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly gifts that would be great additions to this list?