The Luckiest Numbers of Bamboo Stalks to Have (and the Unlucky Number!)

bamboo 2

If you’re into feng shui and good luck charms, you likely know that bamboo is considered a lucky plant. And you may also know that the number of bamboo stalks in your display has a Meaning, bringing different kinds of good luck (and there’s one bad luck number you should definitely avoid!)

I had three bamboo stalks in my money corner, and when one turned yellow, that didn’t sit well with me. Okay, I kinda freaked out and pulled the vase from that corner until I could fix the problem. I thought two bamboo stalks was bad luck, but it turns out, it isn’t at all. So my vase with two curly bamboo stalks is back in place.

To help you plan your bamboo shopping — for straight stalks, pretty curly bamboo stalks, or those pre-planted bamboo stalk groupings to display in your home, office, or at your wedding — here are the meanings behind the number of bamboo stalks in displays:

  • 1 Stalk – simplicity, meaningful life
  • 2 Stalks – luck in love and marriage
  • 3 Stalks – happiness (Most popular among those who think three is a lucky number)
  • 4 Stalks – This is the one to avoid. According to Chinese culture, Four could draw negative energy
  • 5 Stalks – academic achievement, creativity
  • 7 Stalks – good health
  • 8 Stalks – prosperity
  • 9 Stalks – good fortune and overall luck
  • 10 Stalks – completion or perfection
  • 21 Stalks – all-purpose blessings and luck

Add a little extra oomph to your bamboo with the power of your display:

The Wood element is in the bamboo stalks

The Water element is in the water they sit in

The Earth element is in the rocks or pebbles inside your bamboo vase (go for shades of brown and tan in these pebbles for the best Earth representation.)

The Metal element is in the clear glass container you use to display your stalks, the water and the pebbles. If you do not use a glass vase, put a coin at the bottom of your container.

Fire is in a red ribbon that you tie on the stalks or around the container.

I buy my lucky bamboo at our local garden center, and I’ve seen lucky bamboo stalks and plants at Home Depot, Lowes and our supermarket, so it should be easy to find these!