NEW! Blog-to Book-Chats for Bloggers Who Want to Get Published


Want to turn your blog into a book? I can help with that! Right now, I’m offering a special: $25 for a chat about your blog, and what you can do to add ‘author’ to your list of credits, boosting traffic to your site and generating a new revenue stream. I work with wedding bloggers, foodie bloggers, travel bloggers, mom bloggers…so many topics, not just weddings

It’s super-simple. If you want to chat with me via phone, just email me at SLNaylor [at] optonline [dot] net to let me know, and we’ll hop on the phone as soon as it’s convenient for you. I’ll look over your site and give you tips on how to turn your blog’s features into a book. You might create an easy-to-launch e-book, or you might decide to go after a literary agent for a book deal with a publisher.

So that’s a half-hour chat for $25, and I’ll give you thousands of dollars worth of advice. Offer is good for this week only…depending on demand, I may extend it.

Chatting with me will get you started…it’s not a guarantee that you’ll land an agent, and there are no returns once you pay. If you want my help on a book proposal, that costs extra. have any questions, just let me know!

Continental USA only — no international calls.

Gotta go…my phone is ringing! Time to help a blogger turn into an author!

NEW! DIY Wedding and Bridal Shower Recipes Series from the Weekend Table Blog: Parmesan Risotto with Artichokes


Julie Du Pont is back with another amazing recipe for your DIY menu! Since fall and winter are all about creamy goodness and comfort food, a delicious risotto is definitely something to make for your party guests. It’s easy to make, but guests don’t tend to make risotto or themselves….so you get extra points for gourmet flare, and it’s budget-friendly and a fantastic side to serve with so many different kinds of dishes.

Here is the recipe for Parmesan Risotto with Artichokes, from The Weekend Table blog:

Explore this blog! Julie has fabulous gluten-free recipes, and I just love her writing style!