NEW! Blog-to Book-Chats for Bloggers Who Want to Get Published


Want to turn your blog into a book? I can help with that! Right now, I’m offering a special: $25 for a chat about your blog, and what you can do to add ‘author’ to your list of credits, boosting traffic to your site and generating a new revenue stream. I work with wedding bloggers, foodie bloggers, travel bloggers, mom bloggers…so many topics, not just weddings

It’s super-simple. If you want to chat with me via phone, just email me at SLNaylor [at] optonline [dot] net to let me know, and we’ll hop on the phone as soon as it’s convenient for you. I’ll look over your site and give you tips on how to turn your blog’s features into a book. You might create an easy-to-launch e-book, or you might decide to go after a literary agent for a book deal with a publisher.

So that’s a half-hour chat for $25, and I’ll give you thousands of dollars worth of advice. Offer is good for this week only…depending on demand, I may extend it.

Chatting with me will get you started…it’s not a guarantee that you’ll land an agent, and there are no returns once you pay. If you want my help on a book proposal, that costs extra. have any questions, just let me know!

Continental USA only — no international calls.

Gotta go…my phone is ringing! Time to help a blogger turn into an author!

Wedding Pros, Get my ‘Great 8’ Promotional Plan, Including Freebies and Mega-Value Consultation! Inspired by my Dad on Father’s Day!

Photo by Joe Toris

Photo by Joe Toris

Inspired by my Dad’s legacy on Father’s Day to create a fabulous, new Promotions Package filled with amazing promos, freebies, consults, guest posts, social media magic and more!

Starting today and lasting just through June and July, here’s what you can get:

  • An ad on my site; it goes up now and stays up for three years! Value $600.
  • An ad on my blog, (see it here: that stays there indefinitely!
  • Three guest posts on my blog, written by you (with my help, if you’d like!) and my social media promotions ongoing!
  • Two signed copies of my recent wedding books, for your bridal show giveaways or contests. Choose from The Bride’s Guide to Freebies, Bridesmaid on a Budget, The Ultimate Bridal Shower Idea Book, and other top titles from my site
  • A surprise gift for your bridal show giveaways and contests.
  • 1 –hour phone consultation on your book idea – whether you want to do traditional publishing or self-publishing, I’ll advise on your steps to becoming a published author! Value: $500
  • 20% off my book consultation fees!  Just this year, three of my book publishing clients landed BIG book deals, six landed top literary agents, and two more are about to sign dream-come-true book contracts, one with a movie-of-the-week as a major possibility. I handle wedding books, cook books, craft books, novels, any kind of book you’d like to do! Value: over $1,500.
  • Work with me, and you’ll be on my radar for the many bridal articles and blog posts I do every month! The better I know you and your products and services, the more I’m likely to put you in that big bridal feature!

So there’s my Great 8 summer weddings promotional plan, inspired by my dad, who instilled in me a huge generosity of time and a willingness to help others’ dreams come true. When you do well, your family benefits, and I’d love to help make that happen!

So what do you think I’m charging? Oh, just $100! That’s right…what you likely spend for one little tiny box ad on another site gets you all this, with freebies and valuable book consult!!

Contact me at SLNaylor[at]optonline[dot]net!

Want to Get Your Book Published? I Can Make That Happen for You!


If you’ve ever dreamed of having your book published — whether it’s a wedding tips book, a coffee table book of your wedding designs, a cookbook, a novel, whatever book you’ve got in you, you can get ME as your consultant, ghost-writer or editor! Right now, in less than a year since I started this program, three of my clients have landed their dream book deals with major publishers, two have literary agents competing for them, and two are self-publishing their books — so they can get right to the money-making part of it! One even has a TV network interested in turning her story into a TV movie! I’m SO proud of my clients!

I’ve published 37 books of my own, and it makes me SO happy to help others get their books in print!

I’m working with some of the top names in the wedding industry (and I never reveal who they are!) on all kinds of book projects, both through traditional publishing with major houses, and in e-book projects from 20 pages to 300 pages. It’s a HUGE trend right now to self-publish e-books and extended articles, Top 100 lists, and other smaller projects — you’ll see that top celebrity wedding book authors are doing it, so why not you?

Here’s the description from my site:

Bestselling wedding author Sharon Naylor loves helping wedding experts bring their books to life, and she’s played a valuable role in helping some of the biggest names in the wedding industry land big-money book deals with some of the top publishing houses in the world.

From wedding coordinations to floral designers to décor artists and award-winning wedding bloggers, her clients work directly with her to:

  • Create spectacular book proposals filled with what agents and publishers really want to see in these deal-making selling tools
  • Get their book proposals in front of the top literary agents, including her own [so you may skip the loooong and frustrating process of trying to ‘hook’ a literary agent from the ‘slush pile’ numbering 10,000 submissions per month!]
  • Get her endorsement and connections to top publishers
  • Have  Sharon edit or ghost-write their books entirely
  • Have Sharon guide them all the way through the tricky world of self-publishing

Sharon’s clients have landed book deals and agents, and she features her clients’ books on her many wedding columns, on her blog, and in her syndicated features.

You get an ultra-talented pro as your guide, you get Sharon’s writing help, and she does the heavy lifting with regard to industry research on competitive books, marketing strategies, and illustrating your credits to suit what publishers want to see.

Sharon doesn’t release the names of her celebrity and industry book clients, since they hired her as a ‘ghost-writer’ and consultant known for her loyalty and discretion.

She takes on only three clients at a time, in order to provide full attention to all, and she’s available by phone to talk about your book project. Contact her at to bring your book or e-book to life.

I’ll share my fees with you when we chat about the size and scope of your project. It could be $25 for an article, or $2,000 for a book or e-book project…we’ll talk it over and customize to what you want.

2013 could be the year you get your book out there!