Brides, Start Your Jewelry Collection Now

Photo courtesy of Dune Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Dune Jewelry

Your wedding is the perfect time to start a jewelry collection that you’ll build upon all through your marriage. The time to start a new tradition is now, so that your collection extends from the start of your marriage and lasts for all time. Not married yet? Begin your jewelry collection during your engagement season — it’s your tradition to create as you’d like!

You might decide to stick with a particular brand, such as Alex and Ani, or go with a particular type of gemstone such as Aquamarine or Blue Topaz (in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets throughout the years!) Or, choose something highly customizable, such as jewelry bought during your honeymoon and lifetime travels. Dune Jewelry (above) lets you customize jewelry with actual sand from beaches all over the world [and if they don’t have your beloved beach in their sandbank, you can send in a small vial of sand you collected, to be incorporated into your chosen jewelry design. [I don’t work for Dune Jewelry — I own a bunch of their necklaces, personalized with our favorite beach sands!]

Happy collecting!


The Luckiest Numbers of Bamboo Stalks to Have (and the Unlucky Number!)

bamboo 2

If you’re into feng shui and good luck charms, you likely know that bamboo is considered a lucky plant. And you may also know that the number of bamboo stalks in your display has a Meaning, bringing different kinds of good luck (and there’s one bad luck number you should definitely avoid!)

I had three bamboo stalks in my money corner, and when one turned yellow, that didn’t sit well with me. Okay, I kinda freaked out and pulled the vase from that corner until I could fix the problem. I thought two bamboo stalks was bad luck, but it turns out, it isn’t at all. So my vase with two curly bamboo stalks is back in place.

To help you plan your bamboo shopping — for straight stalks, pretty curly bamboo stalks, or those pre-planted bamboo stalk groupings to display in your home, office, or at your wedding — here are the meanings behind the number of bamboo stalks in displays:

  • 1 Stalk – simplicity, meaningful life
  • 2 Stalks – luck in love and marriage
  • 3 Stalks – happiness (Most popular among those who think three is a lucky number)
  • 4 Stalks – This is the one to avoid. According to Chinese culture, Four could draw negative energy
  • 5 Stalks – academic achievement, creativity
  • 7 Stalks – good health
  • 8 Stalks – prosperity
  • 9 Stalks – good fortune and overall luck
  • 10 Stalks – completion or perfection
  • 21 Stalks – all-purpose blessings and luck

Add a little extra oomph to your bamboo with the power of your display:

The Wood element is in the bamboo stalks

The Water element is in the water they sit in

The Earth element is in the rocks or pebbles inside your bamboo vase (go for shades of brown and tan in these pebbles for the best Earth representation.)

The Metal element is in the clear glass container you use to display your stalks, the water and the pebbles. If you do not use a glass vase, put a coin at the bottom of your container.

Fire is in a red ribbon that you tie on the stalks or around the container.

I buy my lucky bamboo at our local garden center, and I’ve seen lucky bamboo stalks and plants at Home Depot, Lowes and our supermarket, so it should be easy to find these!

FabFind! Knockout Panties Chemise


Brides are putting a lot of thought into gifts for their bridesmaids, and spending more on them, which means gifts for the girls are better than ever! The great folks at Knockout Panties sent me a lacy chemise in their new Sky Blue color, and it’s so soft and comfy, which says a lot considering the top is lacy. But that’s super-soft lace against the skin, the mark of a well-made chemise! The sky blue is such a pretty color, and the Tiger Lily is also one on their site that I love. You can choose one color for your bridesmaids’ gifts, or personalize to each of your bridesmaid by choosing from their range of colors — the black-and-white is also lovely!

Pair it with the matching lacy boy short, also super-soft supima cotton, with lace at the top and bottom.

This is such a pretty set that I’ll even recommend it as a thank-you gift for your wedding coordinator, and if you’d like to ramp up your gift for your maid of honor who has done a lot for you, get the boy short and the panties to go with the chemise as well as the lacy cami to match.

knockout3 knockout2 knockout4

This is a great find, well worth the money, and a gift your bridesmaids will really love and use!

Fab Find! The Restoration Hardware Chillsner – Register for Them and Give Them as Gifts

rh chillsner

rh chillsner2

The Restoration Hardware Chillsner — on sale right now! — is one of my favorite Fab Finds of all-time! We picked up one of these during a power-shop at Restoration Hardware (our niece got a faux fur teddy bear and our best friends got Chillsners; we loaded up on tons of stocking stuffers, too!) and when our friends unwrapped it, we immediately chilled these ‘spikes’ in the freezer for not a long time, and the guys used the set of two in their beers. Total rave review!

{I just gave my husband two sets of Chillsners as his early Valentine’s Day gifts…we’re putting in the new patio this summer, so we have to have a bunch of Chillsners for everyone to use!}

Chillsners are quite awesome, so add these to your registry, or order a set for your beer enjoyment, and especially load up on these babies (at $17.49 per set of two right now!!) for your bridal party members — bridesmaids and groomsmen! — as the perfect bridal party gift, unbelievably under $20! Here’s more info on this fantastic, fabulous find:


$35 Sale $17.49

Life’s too short to drink warm beer. The Chillsner is a reusable, in-bottle beverage chiller that you can drink right through, for cold beer from the first sip to the last.

Keeps chilled bottled beer at the perfect temperature, without diluting.

  • Made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, filled with non-toxic freeze gel
  • Easy to use: just freeze the Chillsner for 45 minutes, pop it into any longneck bottle and drink
  • Forms a tight seal Yes, it does! We tested ours for leaks and dribbles, and they were perfect!
  • Between uses, rinse the Chillsner and store it in the freezer
  • Package of 2, so you can drink with a friend or partner, each with your beers super-cold.

Dimensions: 1″ diam., 8″L

Get ’em here:

Fab Find! Le Palais Des Thes Tea Sets, Canisters and Candles

palais des thescandle

When I received this Palais Des Thes candle as part of my Bridal Guide 50 best bridal party gifts, it was love. Such a sweet and wonderful scent even without unwrapping the package, yet not overpowering. I consider it an upscale candle, perfect for giving to your mom, mom-in-law, your wedding coordinator, floral designer, as well as your bridesmaids and maid of honor for their thank-you gifts. And they’ll thank you. Here’s a little bit about my new favorite candle of all time:

The fragrance of the Fleur de Geisha tea-scented candle evokes the fragility of the first flowers of the season and the pearlescent sweetness of rice powder. As the candle burns, its perfume rises – airy, celestial and virginal. A veritable celebration of purity.

Made to the highest standards, this candle will delicately scent your home for about fifty hours.


palais des thesteaboxHere’s another fab find for the Moms: I always love to have a great tea caddy or box on hand for when guests are over, and since moms might host an engagement party or the rehearsal dinner, or just have relatives over to the house after the wedding, this gift gives them a fantastic way to offer their guests a wonderful cup of tea. Here’s a little about this gift:

Le Palais des Thés has hand-picked nine green teas from its selection of grands crus and perfumed creations for this beautiful box-set of fifty-four muslin tea bags.

Each tea bag comes in an individual stay-fresh sachet, ensuring optimal conservation and preserving the freshness of the tea once opened. The aromatic richness of whole tea leaves thus remains intact. When infused in 150ml of simmering water, the tea bags recreate the unique taste of each fine and flavoured tea.
Our muslin tea bags are manufactured with meticulous care: whole tea leaves are enclosed in large cotton muslin squares, giving them room to unfurl and release their full flavour.

The box-set contains 54 muslin tea bags, i.e. 6 of each of the following 9 varieties: Thé du Hammam, Thé des Moines, Fleur de Geisha, Sencha Ariake, Tamaryokucha Impérial, Long Jing, Grand Jasmin Chun Feng, Thé des Sources and Thé des Alizés.
Each tea bag contains approximately 2g of tea.


palais des thescanister1palais des thescanister2If you’re on a budget, check out the lovely tea canisters — there are lots of them on the site, in pretty colors and designs. This description is for the green bambo0 one shown above:

Washi tea caddy decorated with dancing bamboo shoots symbolizing fertility.

Washi paper, made from the fibres of the paper mulberry plant, is traditionally used in Japan to cover tea canisters. With their gold and pearly details, the papers are decorated with patterns often found on kimonos and Japanese textiles. Le Palais des Thés has discovered a series of wonderfully fresh prints for its new collection: dragonfly in the afterglow, white plum flower, competition of growing bamboo… a range of patterns that pay tribute to nature.

Each box has a double lid for perfect storage.


So, Le Palais Des Thes becomes my very first triple-pick of Fab Finds! Check them out if you’re a tea person, and you can’t go wrong giving these tea-themed gifts out to the moms, your bridesmaids and your favorite wedding vendors.