Bridesmaid Master Class: Lesson 4 — Forget About ‘Looking Cheap’

SO many bridesmaids out there have spent way more than they hoped to — surpassing that national average of (yikes!) over $1,400 from dress to shoes to gifts. And they spend months after the wedding marinating in regrets: “Why didn’t I say no to that expensive dress?” “Why did I agree to split the cost of the bridal shower without finding out what they were planning?”

I can help you avoid post-wedding regrets….Drop any fears you might have about ‘looking cheap’…especially when it comes to approaching the group with coupons, Groupons, LivingSocials,’s and other price-savers.

I have no idea where this came from — perhaps those over-the-top Coupon-Crazy stockpiling television shows — but many bridesmaids worry about looking cheap, or not successful, or like the ‘crazy coupon lady’ to their fashionista bridesmaid sisters. But let me tell you something: those fashionista, brand-name-dropping bridesmaid sisters are so using coupons, Groupons, LivingSocial deals and even getting their Gucci bags on eBay, second-hand for $100. Don’t let ’em fool you if they’re talking high-priced everything and mentioning their vacation to St. Bart’s. Bridesmaid make a big mistake in letting themselves feel inferior around brand-slingers.

Sure, you might be in a bridesmaid circle with trust fund babes, but what do you care if they roll their mink-lashed eyes at your offer of a $5 for $30 in cakepops deal? Most of the monied bridesmaids I know talk to me about the fabulous coupon deal another bridesmaid found…happy that the ka-ching on the bridal shower isn’t going to be too much, nor take away from their St. Bart’s fund. You might not see it or hear it, depending on their character, but they’re going to be happy about your coupon/LivingSocial ways.

So shake off that anxiety about being judged, and consider yourself a brilliant hunter of deals, a savior of the bridesmaid budget, and your own best friend in the bunch. You might be the reason the bride gets those sugar flower-topped cake pops at her bridal shower (which you know she wanted,) or a free night and suite upgrade for the bachelorette party getaway.

Master Class Lesson 4: look for coupons and deals, show them to the maid of honor, bring it up at the bridesmaid planning meeting, and offer to handle the purchase or the booking. The money you save will be your own, too. Imagine getting 50% off everything you need to buy as a bridesmaid? It’s possible with coupons and savings deals. Having them in your hand and not mentioning them? You’ll regret that.