Beautiful Ellis Island Wedding Details

ellis island centerpiece

Ellis Island is a gorgeous setting for a NYC wedding! With those magnificent views of the city skyline, right-on-the-water placement that puts you right in front of a breathtaking sunset over the golden ripples of water, open-air venues for outdoor wedding celebrations, outdoor wedding cocktail parties, even outdoor concerts under starry skies, AND the gorgeous architecture of the buildings. It’s a great twist on an Island Wedding, a destination wedding of sorts since your guests have to take a scenic ferry ride to get to Ellis Island, and it’s an award-winning eco-friendly event venue for green weddings! Talk about the best of everything!

Speaking of the best, Ellis Island has been home to lavish, luxury weddings planned by some of the most elite wedding coordinators in New York City and from across the country. Here are some images from an Ellis Island Wedding planned by celebrity event planner, wedding luminary and author Jung Lee of Fete NY.

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Feldberg/Levine Wedding

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History and Luxury at Ellis Island Weddings!

ellis island cabanas


ellis island purple and blue


ellis dance party


ellis island clubby scene

Ellis Island is one of the most revered historic locations in the country, and it’s also home to some of the most gorgeous luxury weddings — with a champagne arrival for your guests after a ferry ride gliding them past the NYC skyline, a cocktail party on the grounds of the island (which you get all to yourself, by the way!) an amazing ballroom transformed with spectacular lighting effects and even Broadway performers making your reception unforgettable. Some of the top celebrity planners and best-known NYC wedding designers have created events here, and the night caps off with fireworks over the Statue of Liberty.

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