Godiva Has the Perfect Engagement Party, Rehearsal Dinner or Shower Cake!

Photo courtesy of Godiva

We just polished off our first Godiva Chocolate Ganache Layer Cake, and we’re in chocolate heaven — as will your guests be when you serve this as the cake at your engagement party, rehearsal dinner or bridal shower cake. I’m thinking it would be the ideal groom’s cake, too, since so many of today’s grooms are requesting elegant, delectable chocolate cakes for their special dessert feature at the reception.

Godiva’s site says it serves 13, but it works beautifully for 16 or more. Ours arrived perfectly frozen, packaged in a secure box with a cardboard ring, and not a mark was on the smooth, chocolatey frosting when we unwrapped it. It was so gorgeous, we took pictures of it!

So if you’re looking for a rich alternative to the standard sheet cake, and want your guests to think you spend a fortune on an upscale cake (even though you didn’t,) this is the special wedding event cake for you.

Want to dress it up? Pipe on a starburst of fresh whipped cream and sprinkle with raspberries, then pipe a little swirl of raspberry sauce or chocolate sauce on each serving plate. Perfection.