Win It! The First Copy of my New Book “The Bride’s Guide to Freebies!”

My new wedding book has arrived! And I’m giving away my own, personal, very first copy to a lucky bride who wants to find out how to get great freebies for her wedding…without selling out, and without risking wedding disasters.

Check out what Bridal Guide’s editor-in-chief had to say about it:

“The definitive guide for couples looking to slash their wedding budgets without sacrificing style. Sharon Naylor spells out which freebies are accessible and which not to expect for free. A must-read for couples who want a fantastic wedding and a debt-free start to married life.” — Diane Forden, Editor in Chief, Bridal Guide

With the average cost of weddings today at over $20,000, it’s no wonder that today’s savvy, budget-conscious brides are looking for deals to get the wedding of their dreams at a fraction of the cost. But in today’s world where extreme couponing and the number of wedding sweepstakes competitions is on the rise, for the modern bride, discounts and bargains are simply not enough. For these brides, only free will do.

Enter The Bride’s Guide to Freebies, the book that shares insider secrets on how to potentially get thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and products for your wedding for free. No, this is not a book of suggested bargains and discounts. Rather, this book provides freebie-finding strategies on everything from the dress to the food to the entertainment, information on what to say (and not say) to score lots of swag, and how to foster positive relationships with vendors that result in spectacular add-ins. And each and every tip and strategy featured in the book is designed to give the budget-conscious bride the ultimate payoff: lots of wedding goods and extras… for absolutely zero money.

Visit my site for more info on this book, as well as my 35 additional wedding books, and get your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble if you’re not the lucky winner chosen on December 5th!

Here’s how to enter: RT this post on Twitter, or leave a comment here sharing what you’d love to get for free for your wedding plans! Good luck!

Wedding Planning First Step: Your FREE Excerpt of “Your Wedding Your Way”


It’s time for another free excerpt of one of my top new wedding books! This time, using this freebie from my book Your Wedding Your Way, you and your groom will talk about the basics for your Big Day, just to get your style set, and combine your wishes.


Chapter 2

How to Decide What You Both Want for Your Wedding Day

 You both have to be in agreement on the various ways you will create your wedding your way. The best way to get in agreement is to talk about everything. Here’s a little quiz to get the discussion started. Take this quiz together, and use different-colored pens to check off your answers and make additional notes. Don’t worry if you’re not in total agreement right now—few wedding couples are at this stage. You’ve already gone through the checklist in the introduction about why you’d like to have a nontraditional wedding, and now you’re getting in a little deeper.


1.         How comfortable are you when you’re at formal celebrations, such as black-tie weddings and dress-up events?

            a.         Very comfortable. I love getting dressed up, looking my best, and enjoying “the good life” at formal weddings.

            b.         Somewhat comfortable. Being in high heels or a suit is fine for the first few hours, but then I’d rather be home in pajamas, watching television.

            c.         I hate it. Nothing’s worse than being forced to wear high heels or a suit just because someone wants everyone to look good in their pictures.

2.         What’s the best location for your wedding?

            a.         Right here in our hometown, which is going to be gorgeous at the time of year we’re getting married, and it’s close for all our guests to get to.

            b.         It would be dreamy if we could get married at our favorite vacation destination that we go to every year, get married on the beach at sunset, and have foods from our favorite restaurants there.

            c.         Someplace we’ve never been before, like our dream destination ofHawaii. And to bring everyone else with us? That would be amazing.

            d.         Someplace not in our hometown, but also not a five-hour flight away, either.

3.         How do you feel about an outdoor wedding?

            a.         It’s perfect! Nothing says “wedding” more than gorgeous scenery, everyone in the gardens, surrounded by flowers.

            b.         I’d be too worried about the weather and bugs ruining the day.

            c.         I’m all for it if the place we book has an indoor ballroom we could move into if it rains.

            d.         I’ve always hated outdoor parties. Who wants to bring sunblock to a wedding and sweat through her dress?

4.         What is the worst part of a traditional wedding?

            a.         Having the same old food.

            b.         Having the same old music.

            c.         It’s expensive no matter how you plan it.

            d.         Having to go by the rules of a church or reception hall.

5.         How important is it for you to invite everyone you know to the wedding?

            a.         Very important. It wouldn’t be a wedding without all our relatives and their kids, and all our friends there.

            b.         Not too important. I’d be happy with just a small circle of close relatives and friends.

            c.         I really don’t care, as long as we get married.

6.         How do you feel about a wedding being funny, having laugh-out-loud moments?

            a.         That makes it great! Our guests would love it, so we’re going to insert some humor in the ceremony and in the emcee’s wording at the reception.

            b.         That would offend our parents and other relatives.

            c.         I think weddings should be solemn and serious—funny toasts and the like should be done at the rehearsal dinner only.

            d.         We’re all for it if any toast-makers want to be funny, but we’re not going to plan special comedy moments for our big day.


You’ve just discussed some basic, fundamental issues as you co-create your personalized wedding day. These questions may have even sent you off on tangents, discussing your thoughts and suggestions for your dream-wedding day, planned your way! Notice there’s no “scoring,” no “if you circled mostly B, then . . .” rules. This exercise was just to get the discussion on the table. Take notes on every inspiration that arises as you work through this section. Some ideas will work and some won’t, but that’s the creative process.


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Wedding Books for the Moms!

Moms are asking me a lot of questions these days — does the mother of the groom have to wear taupe? (No!) Can they help plan the bridal shower? (Yes!) Which kinds of parties can they plan? (How about an After-Party just for your friends? Or a wedding weekend event?)

Check out my bestselling books for the Moms — you’ll find all of your etiquette questions answered, style tips, party ideas, budget smarts, and how to work with the bride and groom, setting yourself up for a happier future with them!





Get them here:, on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble or anywhere books are sold!

Moms, send your questions to me here, and I can give you tips!

Save the Bridesmaids! (Their Budgets, that is!)

Bridesmaids spend a lot to be part of a wedding. The average bridesmaid spends, according to is $1,009! That’s a lot of cash…you have to really love the bride to shell out that much.

Which is why I wrote my book Bridesmaid on a Budget — Looking at the national averages of what bridesmaids are spending, and knowing that these can actually be low amounts in some parts of the country, I knew bridesmaids out there wanted their own book to help them save hundreds of dollars without the savings showing.

Here are just some of the average amounts spent in each category:

Bridesmaid dress: $178

Accessories: $52

Alterations: $56

Bachelorette party expenses: $152

Bridal Shower Gift: $72

Hotel (per night): $140

Plane Fare: $303

Wedding Gift: $117

And that national average doesn’t include what each bridesmaid spends on the bridal shower! I hear everything from $100 to $300 per bridesmaid for that pretty party!

Travel’s a big part of this…28% of bridesmaids live in a different state than where the wedding will take place, so that adds up a bunch of travel expenses to attend engagement parties, showers, dress-shopping trips and the wedding weekend, and if the wedding’s a destination one, that’s a big chunk of extra outlay.

So if your bridesmaids could use some help with affording the things you want for your wedding, get them this book! Give a copy to them when you invite them to be in the bridal party. Plan a bridesmaid luncheon early in the process, where everyone will talk about dress styles and other details, and that’s where they get the book in a swag bag. The gracious bride shows that she cares about her bridesmaids and what they’ll be spending…even if the wedding plans aren’t outrageous.

If your bridesmaids have questions, tell them they can write directly to me, or post their questions here in the Comments! Each month, I’ll pick a bridesmaid to win a prize: this month, it’s the Kodak one-time-use camera designed for bachelorette parties, and next month, it’s an Envirosax tote!

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Amazon’s Sharon Naylor Page

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