Wedding Flowers and Decor: The Symbolism of Herbs


It’s not just flowers that have symbolism, as in The Language of Flowers. Since herbs are such a pretty addition to wedding bouquets, wedding centerpieces and wedding decor, it’s fascinating to know that some herbs have symbolic messages adding even deeper meaning to all of your bridal floral pieces.

Here are the symbolic meanings of some of the most popular herbs used in wedding décor and floral pieces today:

Aloe: healing, protection, grief, bitterness, affection

Angelica: inspiration, magic

Bay: glory, honour, reward

Calendula: sacred affection, joy, remembrance, grief

Chamomile: energy in adversity, patience, long life, wisdom

Chives: usefulness, why do you weep?

Dandelion: faithfulness, happiness

Dianthus: dignity, woman’s love, symbol of Mother’s Day

Dill: preservation, good spirits

Dogwood: love undiminished by adversity, durability

Elder: compassion, bad luck, zealousness

Fennel: strength, worthy of praise, flattery

Garlic: protection, strength, healing

Grass: submission, utility, usefulness

Iris: message, wisdom, faith, valour

Ivy: patience, fidelity, undying love, eternal life

Lavender: housewifely virtue, acknowledgement

Lily of the Valley: contentment, return of happiness, let’s make up

Marjoram: joy happiness

Mint: eternal refreshment, wisdom, virtue

Mugwort: be not weary, tranquillity, happiness

Mustard: faith, indifference

Nasturtium: patriotism, victory in battle

Pansy: happy thoughts, meditation

Parsley: useful knowledge, feast, joy, victory

Rose: love, victory

Rosemary: remembrance, love, loyalty, fidelity

Saffron: beware of success

Sage: wisdom, long life, esteem immortality, esteem

Sassafras: foundation, considered choices

Sunflower: haughtiness, lofty, pride, pure thoughts

Thyme: activity, bravery, courage, strength

Violet: humility, devotion, faithfulness, forgiveness

Yew: immortality, sorrow

Yucca: opportunity, fidelity

Zinnia: thoughts of missing friends

Reference:  Rigsby, Gem. 1998. Herb Seed for Thought, Spur Ridge Press, Frankston, TX.

Wedding Flower Pick: Anemones

anemones weddngs by lilly come

Anemones are such a stunning flower for weddings! They’re not something you see every day, and the dramatic size, color contrast, elegant dark center and creamy petals add up to a sensational pick for wedding bouquets and arrangements — either mixed in with other blooms, or as shown above in this bouquet by, used all on their own for a gorgeous look.

I’m also finding anemones used more often as wedding cake accents…just two or three artistically-placed on the different cake tiers to create a fabulous effect for a super-low price. If you think it takes a ton of time to make sugar-paste anemones, think again. Bakers say these are among the easier sugar-paste flowers to make, and that big flowers are easier and more cost-effective to make than tons of tiny sugar paste blooms.

So get to know your anemones using this great chart by, which I have on my Pinterest board:

anemones chart flirty fleurs