The Bride’s Guide to Freebies – Fabulous Big-Money Sweeptakes at Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart

bride's guide to freebies

In my book The Bride’s Guide to Freebies, I’ve shared a ton of my top freebie-finding secrets for weddings, helping you avoid Mistake Freebies and lock into the ones that really add to your wedding day (and boost your wedding budget further!)

When this book first came out, we offered a wedding freebies newsletter, which grew too big too quickly for us to maintain well (and there weren’t always great freebies out there!) So we moved our wedding freebies info to my blog to make it easier for everyone to cash in!

In my book, I recommended the Better Homes and Gardens sweepstakes, which often included bigtime cash prizes, and this has gotten even better for you lately, since they switched their online sweepstakes entries into UNLIMITED entry for most of their big-money prizes. We’re talking $50,000 (which could pay for your whole wedding,) $25,000 (which, again, could pay for your whole wedding,) $20,000 (there’s the wedding gown of your dreams!) and more. (You’ll need to register with BHG, of course, and each entry requires you to click on a super-short video to make sure you’re not a bot. With these and any other online sweepstakes, always read the rules and fine print before you click!)

So, check it out, including the Martha Stewart sweepstakes and other sister magazines’ sweepstakes. We wish you good luck with your entries (and much fun with your winnings!)

WEDDING GIVEAWAY! Win Fabulous Wedding Cake Table Items from Sarah’s Stands


Now this is a great wedding giveaway! The Perfect Wedding Cake Table giveaway by Sarah’s Stands can create an amazing cake table display with my favorite cake stands from a wonderful company!

One lucky reader is going to receive a fabulous prize package that every couple will love for their wedding. The giveaway includes a Sarah’s Stands cake stand from the new Simply Stunning Collection. And, it gets even better. The winner will also receive a pair of personalized champagne flutes, a monogrammed table linen, a custom cake server and a cake topper. Yes! Win all these prizes for your big day!

The first prize is a Sarah’s Stands cake stand from the new Simply Stunning Collection. And, the best part? The winner gets to select the cake stand in one of five colors; White Wedding, Black Tie Affair, Shimmering Lights, In the Nude or Enchanted Evening.

To complete your wedding cake table, there are four additional prizes from some exceptional artists. The cake topper by Concarta is one-of-a-kind and handmade using archival paper. The champagne flutes by Glass Girl Jen will be personalized with your name and wedding date. The cake server by Sycamore Hill is a vintage piece that will be engraved with your name and wedding date. And, the table linen by Betsy Grace is made of linen and will be monogrammed with your initial. All of these are heirloom quality pieces that will be cherished for years to come.

How to Enter

USA and International entries welcome! One lucky reader will win:

Easy entry details are here:


Win It! The First Copy of my New Book “The Bride’s Guide to Freebies!”

My new wedding book has arrived! And I’m giving away my own, personal, very first copy to a lucky bride who wants to find out how to get great freebies for her wedding…without selling out, and without risking wedding disasters.

Check out what Bridal Guide’s editor-in-chief had to say about it:

“The definitive guide for couples looking to slash their wedding budgets without sacrificing style. Sharon Naylor spells out which freebies are accessible and which not to expect for free. A must-read for couples who want a fantastic wedding and a debt-free start to married life.” — Diane Forden, Editor in Chief, Bridal Guide

With the average cost of weddings today at over $20,000, it’s no wonder that today’s savvy, budget-conscious brides are looking for deals to get the wedding of their dreams at a fraction of the cost. But in today’s world where extreme couponing and the number of wedding sweepstakes competitions is on the rise, for the modern bride, discounts and bargains are simply not enough. For these brides, only free will do.

Enter The Bride’s Guide to Freebies, the book that shares insider secrets on how to potentially get thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and products for your wedding for free. No, this is not a book of suggested bargains and discounts. Rather, this book provides freebie-finding strategies on everything from the dress to the food to the entertainment, information on what to say (and not say) to score lots of swag, and how to foster positive relationships with vendors that result in spectacular add-ins. And each and every tip and strategy featured in the book is designed to give the budget-conscious bride the ultimate payoff: lots of wedding goods and extras… for absolutely zero money.

Visit my site for more info on this book, as well as my 35 additional wedding books, and get your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble if you’re not the lucky winner chosen on December 5th!

Here’s how to enter: RT this post on Twitter, or leave a comment here sharing what you’d love to get for free for your wedding plans! Good luck!

Newly-Engaged? Welcome to Wedding World 2012

This is me, happy that I finished the new book!

I’ve just put the finishing touches on my new wedding book, which is going to help you get lots of free wedding items the right way, sacrificing nothing, making no mistakes, not selling out, not avoiding wedding vendors, and not winding up with regrets. Quite the teaser, eh? Since this book won’t be out until the end of 2012, I didn’t want to leave all of you newly-engaged brides out in the cold. So here’s  little sneak peek at just one of the many categories of wedding freebies in my new book:

You’ve got to enter contests! As many as you can find! Brides are said to have a weird form of natural luck, and you might just magnetize…oh…a free honeymoon or a free wedding dress. That’s about $6,000 saved right there in some instances. Perhaps $2,000 or more, depending on the contest you enter.

Here’s my guide to the top types of contests and sweepstakes you need to enter now, and have your mom and bridesmaids enter for you, if they will. Some of those freebie prizes, after all, can benefit them. There are a ton of new contests out there that give the mom a new dress, or snag a free girls’ getaway to Vegas, which saves your bridesmaids serious money. So the more people you have clicking on Enter for you, the better. I got my husband in on the action when we were engaged, and we won some pretty sweet deals. Okay, so one of them was a lip gloss, but it was an awesome lip gloss.

1. Contests on bridal magazine sites. Bridal Guide has lots of contests going on throughout the year – free honeymoons and trips, gowns for your bridesmaids, beauty and jewelry swag. Check in at your favorite bridal magazines’ sites, or sign up for their newsletter, check their Facebook and Twitter posts, and click, click, click.

2. Contests on major bridal blogs. Right now, I have a giveaway going on Broke-Ass Bride in which you can win copies of my new books for the mother of the bride and for wedding weekend events, and 5 pretty blue floral Kodak cameras. Just about every major bridal blog — you know, the ones that win Bride Tide’s best-of awards — runs contests and giveaways all the time, and you might find that all of those too-busy, distracted other brides out there forget to enter them. So you might be one of 30 brides in the running to win mega-prizes.

3. Contests on so-called ‘smaller bridal blogs,’ the specialist blogs that are awesome but don’t yet have 150,000 followers. They may just be starting out, and they’re landing some fabulous prize deals from their partners and offering their products up as prizes as well. With a smaller entry pool, your chances of winning go up.

4. Hit the women’s magazines’ websites, for the mother lode of cash prize contests. At, you’ll find lots of sweepstakes to win $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $25,000 or more. Plus free trips. And blenders. They like to give away blenders. Don’t mind if I do. This link will take you to contests at their sister magazines, such as Parents. Even if you’re not a parent, click on those contests. You’re still eligible.

5. Bridal show giveaways. I can hardly believe how awesome the prizes are at The Wedding Salon! Valuable trips, designer gowns, designer cakes…it’s just mind-bending…but oh so thrilling! Attend this upscale show, and you could walk out of there needing a bodyguard. Any quality bridal show is going to offer terrific prizes, from honeymoons to elite photography packages, the works. The key is to stay until the very end when they do the winner drawings. Winning tickets have been pulled, with no bride in sight, and they go on to the next winner. One group won that girls’ getaway weekend after three not-there brides’ tickets were pulled. It pays to stay.

6. Network giveaways. We’re talking the HGTV Dream House, where you can win a house, a car and six figures in cash, plus all of the housewarming gifts that viewers have voted for you to get. Tons of network shows have giveaways, so follow them on social media, bookmark their entry pages, and do as I do…

I start each morning off entering all of the contests I can find on BHG. It’s like my Zen morning practice. Hot Dunkin Donuts coffee in one hand, and a big wellspring of hope and optimism all about me. Someone’s gotta win, they say. Might as well be me. Or you, as the case may be.

So get that bridal luck going, start or end your day with contest-entering, and hey, let me know where you’re finding great contests so that I can get YOU mentioned in the acknowledgments of my new book!

Visit my site at and follow me at @sharonnaylorwed where my greatest sweepstakes finds will be posted! Good luck!