Wedding DIY: Papier Mache Letters for the Marquee Sign Wedding Trend


Love the wedding trend of marquee letters, but don’t have the budget to rent or buy light-up, oversized actual marquee letters to spell out your names, or ‘Love’ or ‘Just Married’ ??

Here’s a terrific DIY Papier Mache Letter post by blogger ‘And I Thought I Loved You Then.’

Use your letters as décor, to pretty up a mantel or even your altar, your dessert bar or gifts table, your wedding photos table…

…or have some fun with a quirky new wedding trend: piñatas!

DIY Wedding and Bridal Shower Recipes from The Weekend Table Blog: Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Red Cabbage Slaw and Rockin’ Guac

Photo courtesy of Weekend Table

Photo courtesy of Weekend Table

Babble award-winning foodie blogger Julie du Pont is back with another of her most popular recipes, perfect for your DIY wedding, bridal shower, engagement party or wedding weekend menu! Slow cookers are magic, and Julie works hers to create a tasty, tender, tangy pulled pork with the bright colors of the cabbage salad, and we love her Rockin’ Guac!

Check out the recipes here, and enjoy Julie’s make-it-easier tips for creating this excellent meal — which would be amazing for a co-ed bridal shower cookout as well!

Enjoy! And thanks, Julie! So glad we found Weekend Table! For more of Julie’s amazing dishes, including her gluten-free recipes, follow her on Twitter at @weekendtable!

Fab Find! Mastrad Macaron DIY Baking Set AND Whipper Mousse Gift Set

mastrad macaron set

Here’s another double-find that really impressed me as I searched for the coolest new items to add to gift registries and use for your budget-cutting DIY party prep: Mastrad has an amazing collection of fun and modern cooking and baking kits and supplies that really stand out, and when I tried this ultra-fun Macaron Baking Set, it became a Must for the baking bride’s bridal registry!

mastrad macaron baking set 1

mastrad macaron cookbook

Here are the Mastrad site’s details on it:

For the creative baker in all of us! The macaron baking set has all the proper accessories to make homemade macarons just like the pros! This apart of our silicone bakeware and cookware products.

– The set comes with a macaron cookbook, 1 silicone macaron baking sheet (small ridge), and a silicone pastry bag with accessories.

– Use the silicone pastry bag (with 6 different nozzle options!) to fill the silicone baking sheet; the flexible, non-stick baking sheet holds the baking mixture in place and guarantees perfectly sized macarons every time.

– Macaron Cookbook comes with over 30 sweet and savory recipes

And now for my other Fab Find item….

mastrad whippermastrad whipper boxmastrad whipper mousee cookbook

Next up is one of my favorite Add This fab finds for your bridal registry, since you’re going to use this baby all the time, for party treats and special accents to romantic desserts you’ll make for each other.

The Mastrad Whipper Mousse Gift Set  helps you whip up creamy, dreamy mousses and toppings for your favorite desserts, and also add some presentation flair to your dessert dishes, at, say an engagement party, bridal shower, the wedding, and all parties you’ll host in your happily ever after. The whipper canister lets you make hot or cold, sweet or savory mousses and creams and I found my husband volunteering to take over mousse-whipping duty for our recent cocktail party!
Mastrad’s Mousse Gift Set includes:

0.5L Gourmet Mousse Whipper
1 Whipper Stand
Mousse Recipe Book

Check out the Mastrad site to see their huge collection of fabulous items for your bridal gift registry, and keep a special eye out for their kits — which wedding and shower guests love to give. One of my fun finds is this Crepe Making Kit:

mastrad crepesYou’ll find a lot to shop from here, and your gift registry can turn into a DIY chef’s delight if you load it up with Mastrad items and fun picks, and here’s a great tip: if you make sure these are on your registry very, very soon after you get engaged, friends and relatives will surely snap those gifts up off your registry for engagement presents, sending them to you NOW, which means you get to use them in your pre-wedding party DIY preps!

Share them with your bridesmaids, so that they can plan your bridal shower and bachelorette party for less, and personalize the snacks, bites and desserts to the party theme!


Free Wedding Clip Art Has Gotten Trendy!

Most brides have no idea that their home computer’s Clip Art offers pretty wedding graphips, swirls, borders and designs that they can use in their printed wedding items — and bridesmaids will be happy to know that Clip art magic is free to them for the bridal shower as well. I spent about 3 minutes doing a simple search for the term ‘swirl,’ and here’s a PDF of what I found: