Fab Find! Dune Jewelry Design Creates Jewelry From Your Wedding or Honeymoon Beach!

dune jewelry

I love this company, especially because they have sand from my own honeymoon beach, www.caneelbay.com!

Here is a piece they just posted to their Facebook page today, perfect for your pink sand beach wedding!

“Add a burst of PINK to your summer wardrobe with a piece of Dune Jewelry! The shores of Bermuda, Anguilla, Aruba and The Bahamas offer many shades to choose from. (Shown: Large Sandrop Earrings with Bermuda sand)

“Live for the moment, then take it with you.” dune Jewelry Design creates tangible reminders of favorite moments. We inlay sand from your favorite beach, golf course or ball park into sterling silver to create timeless pieces of jewelry…

Company Overview

Our “Sand & Silver” technique unites two unusual mediums for jewelry design. We inlay sand from your favorite coastline, ball park or golf course into sterling silver to create one-of-a-kind jewelry you will wear for years to come.

The designs are modern, clean and simple. They hold a memory, that otherwise may fade as the years pass by.

We stock beach sand from over 1200 locations world-wide. You are also welcome to send us your own sand for a custom piece of jewelry.

See it here: http://dunejewelrydesign.com/ and browse their SandBank here to see if they have the sand from your favorite beach already in stock! Have your own sand? We always love receiving new sand and would be happy to create a custom piece of jewelry from your own adventures. We only need a tiny bit for most designs, but we would like to extend a 10% discount on your NEXT order if you send 1 cup of sand or more for us to add to our SandBank.

For more information CLICK HERE!


What to do with all those digital images from wedding events?

Over the course of your wedding weekend, you’ll collect tons of photos on your own digital camera, friends will share the photos they took at your wedding and pre-wedding events, and you’ll have those one-time-use cameras pix from your guest tables…all stored on different disks, on photo-share websites, in shoe boxes (even pretty, bridal-designed ones.) Now, Kodak has a brilliant opportunity for you to take all of those gorgeous pictures and create a professional-quality heirloom album on the best paper possible, designed by their layout pros. Compared to this, those slip-in plastic photo sleeve albums are laughable!

We just started putting our wedding photo album together, using the easy software upload, one-click photo upload, and just a few days later, we got these great proofs:

Gorgeous, right? I love the layout and the way it gives such a pretty new life to our ‘leftover’ wedding photos, the ones our pro photographer didn’t take [actually, some of these were taken by a paparazzi who was trying to cash in on our wedding photos! We captured him and got full rights and ownership of our wedding photos!] And now, instead of sitting in a blue shoebox, they’re going to be in this album!!

Strongly consider getting Kodak’s Professional Collections for your wedding pix, ask parents to get it for you as a gift, and hey, wedding vendors, this service would be a great way to have album design pros take all of your digital images of your work and turn them into albums that you bring to bridal expos! It’s the real deal, upscale photo design for the ultimate keepsake!