Symbolism of Gemstones: Aquamarine


Aquamarine is popular for its gorgeous sea-blue color that can range from light blue to dark blue, and is one of the most enchanting gemstones that brides choose to wear as their Something Blue, or as the gemstone that will bring out their eyes.

Here is the symbolism of aquamarine, as well as some fun FYIs:
• The name ‘aquamarine’ is derived from an old Latin expression meaning ‘seawater.’
• Aquamarine is a variety of the precious gemstone beryl, and the beryl group of minerals is also closely tied to emerald…which is one of the ‘Precious Four’ gems of the world (emerald, diamond, ruby and sapphire.)
• Legend says that it is the treasure of mermaids, with the power to keep sailors safe at sea.
• Aquamarine is known in legend to be very soothing to married couples, which is why it’s such a top choice for weddings and for engagement gifts.

Symbolism includes:
o Honoring spiritual experiences
o Growing from spiritual experiences
o Reduces fear
o Inspires self-expression, in communication and artistically
o Compassionate communication
o Safety while moving through the stages of life.
o Vastness of life (like the sea)

Wedding Symbolism: The Seahorse


You all are going crazy for my reports on the symbolism of different sea animals, so let’s keep going with my new report on the symbolism of the Seahorse, so that you might consider this cute little curved guy (or gal) for your wedding themes, wedding décor, invitation motifs and sea-themed bridal showers or wedding favors.

With all things coastal and nautical being super-hot wedding trends right now, the seahorse is one of those under-the-sea motifs that’s rocking the gift world right now, which means you’ll find plenty of adorable seahorse-themed cheese spreaders and platters, party plates and even cake toppers. Seahorse motifs are big for save the dates, invitations, wedding programs, place cards, table signs and even chocolate seahorses might be your take-home favor.

etsy seahorse

This seahorse invitation available at Etsy

But let’s look into the symbolism of the seahorse so that you know a bit about what it represents:

The seahorse was thought to have mystical significance among Ancient Greeks, Romans, Asians and Europeans, with the ancient Greeks and Romans tying the seahorse in to their sea gods Neptune/Poseidon, thus attributing the symbols of strength and power to the seahorse. So, by choosing the curly seahorse as your motif, you could bring the symbols of strength and power to your partnership.

Other symbols attributed to the seahorse, and also as good luck symbols for your marriage are:

  • Good luck (Sailors have long considered seahorses to be portents of good luck, as did ancient Chinese culture)
  • Patience
  • Friendliness
  • Protection
  • Generosity/Sharing
  • Contentment

Seahorses are calm and gentle, happy with being simply ‘on their way’ to their destination, not rushing, not frantic, just enjoying the journey. On the flip side, seahorses can be known to wrap their tail around a stationary object to anchor itself when the waters get rough, which some people say is a trait of stubbornness. I say it’s a fabulous symbol of a great marriage! When the ‘waters’ get rough, the seahorse hangs onto its ‘rock’ – that would be each of you to the other – and stays safe.

Oh, and you also might have heard that it’s the male seahorse who gets impregnated by the female, carries the babies to term, and gives birth. A creative interpretation of this sealife fact could be that you’ll share the responsibilities of whatever you both may create – whether it’s babies or a business or a home – and understand each other’s positions in any discussion or hot topic, for avoidance of or a quick end to arguments.