Brides, Start Your Jewelry Collection Now

Photo courtesy of Dune Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Dune Jewelry

Your wedding is the perfect time to start a jewelry collection that you’ll build upon all through your marriage. The time to start a new tradition is now, so that your collection extends from the start of your marriage and lasts for all time. Not married yet? Begin your jewelry collection during your engagement season — it’s your tradition to create as you’d like!

You might decide to stick with a particular brand, such as Alex and Ani, or go with a particular type of gemstone such as Aquamarine or Blue Topaz (in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets throughout the years!) Or, choose something highly customizable, such as jewelry bought during your honeymoon and lifetime travels. Dune Jewelry (above) lets you customize jewelry with actual sand from beaches all over the world [and if they don’t have your beloved beach in their sandbank, you can send in a small vial of sand you collected, to be incorporated into your chosen jewelry design. [I don’t work for Dune Jewelry — I own a bunch of their necklaces, personalized with our favorite beach sands!]

Happy collecting!



Fab Find! Shari’s Berries Chocolate Awesomeness for your Wedding Parties and Guest Welcome Gifts!

Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding
We are in chocolate heaven over here at Sharon Naylor Wedding Books. The great folks at Shari’s Berries sent over some chocolate-covered goodies for our bridal shoot, and the place smells AMAZING!
Imagine setting up a chocolate platter on your engagement party, wedding or bridal shower bar, and giving your guests a great variety to choose from — and of course, the chocolate has to be The Best because your guests KNOW good chocolate from that cheap, waxy stuff you see at the supermarket. When you bring out the chocolate platter, your party space gets that mouth-watering chocolate scent, making your dessert bar stand out even more.
Here’s one of my top picks for your party:
Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding
The Shari’s Berries site describes it like this: What would make sandwich cookies, gourmet pretzels, and graham crackers even more scrumptious? Chocolate of course! Each item in this tasty gift collection is smothered with a milk chocolate coating and then decorated with artful dark chocolate drizzle.
  • 8 Milk Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
  • 12 Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Bavarian Pretzels
  • 8 Milk Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies(R) Cookies
    Certified Kosher Dairy by Orthodox Union
  • Net Weight 1 lb 7 oz
  • Item #30001134

We created platters for ours:


Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding

Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding

And think also about how happy your out-of-town wedding guests will be when they card-swipe into their hotel rooms and find a platter of chocolate-covered pretzels, grahams and Oreos instead of that been there-done that welcome bag of chips, packaged snacks and water. Instead, just like at a 5-star luxury resort, they find a platter of these chocolate-covered treats, or Shari’s Berries chocolate-covered berries (which are spectacular, fresh, sweet, juicy and every other word for delicious!) That’s indulgence, and that sets the tone for your guests having the best time ever on your wedding weekend. Or just set the pretty box in their rooms:

Shari's Berries chocolate-covered sampler for your wedding

Shari’s Berries also sent us some super-cute cookies that we’re photographing today, so I’ll post soon about those.

Fab Find! Neiman Marcus Rose Cakes for your Wedding or Bridal Shower

nm rose cake whitenm rose cake chocolate nm rose cake red nm rose cakes

How stunning are these rose cakes from Neiman Marcus as gorgeous cakes for your wedding, bridal shower or engagement party? I first spotted these in their holiday catalog and fell in love instantly! They’re so elegant and romantic, and it brought back memories of being a little girl asking for extra roses on my birthday cakes. My cousins and I would jockey for the roses at every family birthday party, and we still talk about roses on cakes now that we’re in our 30s and 40s.

Here are some details on these cakes:


  • Four layers.
  • Pink-tinted white frosting perfectly swirled to look like roses.
  • Finished with edible glitter.
  • Thaw in refrigerator 24 hours before serving.
  • 6″Dia. Serves 8–10.
  • Made in the USA.


Allergen Information: Contains dairy and nuts.

The “Boxtrolls” Trailer Song Is Perfect for Your Wedding — But Who Sings It? The Answer is Here…

Don’t you just LOVE this song from the upcoming Laika film “Boxtrolls” Behind-the-Scenes trailer? The first time I heard it, I was mesmerized, and then it hit me that this would be SUCH a great song to play at a wedding…
I couldn’t find out who performs this version, so I wrote to Laika, and they got back to me in minutes! So impressed!
According to Laika’s email, the song is performed by Ritchie Young from the Portland-based band Loch Lomond.
Just gorgeous!

Newly-Engaged? Here’s the First Thing You Should Do

brides guide to freebies

An important part of planning your wedding is knowing what you DON’T want, which clears away the clutter and all those suggestions from other people, allowing you both to get clear about what you DO want.
And talking together about your Don’ts gets you communicating about what’s most important for your wedding day.
So print out and use the following worksheets as an essential part of your planning process…
[Plus, it makes life easier when you can hand these worksheets  to your vendors!]

Click on the links below to download the lists

What the Bridesmaids Don’t Want For Their Dresses
What We Don’t Want For the Wedding Cake
What We Don’t Want In Our Ceremony
What We Don’t Want For Flowers and Décor
Foods We Don’t Want Served at the Wedding

What We Don’t Want for the Honeymoon
Songs We Don’t Want Played At the Wedding
What We Don’t Want For Our Wedding Vows
What I Don’t Want For My Wedding Gown

Visit my site for more free worksheets to get your wedding planning started off right!

Fab Find! Essie’s Winter Nail Polish Collection

Winter is coming – and with it, a lavish lineup of the season’s nicest necessities in six smashing shades, from Essie’s fabulous collections of shades perfect for your winter wedding, engagement party, rehearsal dinner or any other special celebration that lets you style yourself in glam color.

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FabFind! The eBay Sale on Coach Jewelry Pouches and Card Cases for your Bridesmaids’ Gifts


$29.50, regularly $78.00 (62 % off)
$29.50, regularly $78.00 (62 % off)
Thank you, eBay! The Coach brand mega-sale is going on right now, and while I snapped up that satchel I had my eye on, both in-store and online, I found some very budget-friendly bridesmaids gifts for you to grab up and give to your bridesmaids as the most impressive gifts EVER. They’ll think you spent a fortune, but you’re really at close to half the average price of a bridesmaid’s gift! Moms, too, can get these cute cases or handbags from the site [you’ll see their big Coach sale banner on the home page with a giant countdown clock!]
The card cases above are traditional black and brown for your classic bridesmaids, and then I picked out these fun, flirty, fashionista jewelry pouches with the Coach insignia. Now they’ll finally have something cute to put all their jewelry in when they go on a road trip or travel in for your wedding. As someone who used to put all my travel jewelry in a Ziplock baggie, I can tell you, these are great! Shop it up today and load up on fabulous bridesmaids’ and moms’ gifts!

$34.50, regularly $88.00 (60 % off)

$34.50, regularly $88.00 (60 % off)

$26.40, regularly $88.00 (70 % off)

$34.50, regularly $88.00 (60 % off)

$34.50, regularly $88.00 (60 % off)

$28.00, regularly $88.00 (68 % off)
These aren’t the only Coach treats in the sale; you’ll find tons of handbags, satchels, wristlets, novelty items, ballet flats and more, on any budget level. So if you want to spoil your MOH or Mom, you’ll find great Coach pieces here. And if your wedding coordinator or floral designer are truly amazing, a thank-you gift like this will make for a happy wedding planning team member!